30 Science quiz questions to put your friends to the test

Science Quiz Qutions

Humans have an urge to know answers and are ready to explore new things. Whether it is a family gathering or you a group of friends, it is incomplete without a quiz. A quiz can be of any type , sports quiz, TV show quiz, movies quiz. But to test scientific knowledge, science quizzes help in shedding light to explore the unknown. 

Science is an important subject in our lives. We can understand about the human body to galaxies and time through these science quiz questions. A science quiz is fun and also an informational activity for all people.

Science is a subject that fulfills our how’s and why’s. By exploring science, it is really helpful for us to understand and use science in our daily life. It also helps us to understand the depths of our human body, instruments, space and universe. 

We’ve collected a few science quiz questions to test you and your friends’ curiosity for science which will be really exciting and also helpful for you. It is also the best way to understand your strengths and weaknesses about science. When you have good experience with these science quiz questions, you can solve them easily.

Here are some questions for science quiz, please have a look at these questions and try to avoid using google for answers!

1. What is the Zeeman Effect?

Here are some questions for science quiz, please have a look at these questions and try to avoid using google for answers!

2. What modern day country was Marie Curie born in?

A: Marie Curie was born in Poland.

3. What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?

A: Nitrogen. Which makes up about 78% of air. 

4. How old is the solar system?

A: 5 billion Years.

5. Who is the founder of the periodic table?

A: Dmitri Mendeleev is the founder of the periodic table.

6. What is the full form of DNA?

A: Deoxyribonucleic acid.

7. What is the standard unit to measure food energy?

A: Food energy is measured in calories.

8. Which is the fastest fish on the planet?

A: Sailfish is known as the fastest fish.

9. Why are transition elements called so?

A: Because of its variable valency and having different colors.

10. What is the study of mushrooms called?

A: Mycology.

11. Which atom has a single electron?

A: Hydrogen.

12. What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?

A: The cerebrum.

13. What is the shape of the DNA?

A: It is the shape of a double helix. 

14. What substance are nails made of?

A: Keratin.

15. What is the biggest planet in our solar system?

A: Jupiter.

16. Who was the first astronaut?

A: Yuri Gagarin was the first astronaut in space.

17. What is the hardest natural substance on earth?

A: Diamond is known as the hardest natural substance on earth.

18. Who is the Father of Modern Chemistry?

A: Antoine Lavoisier

19. Which gasses cause acid rain?

A: Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides.

20. What is the purest form of carbon?

A: Graphite is the purest form of Carbon.

21. Which is known as the simplest sugar?

A: Glucose.

22. The moon Titan orbits what planet?

A: Saturn.

23. With which branch of physics Heisenberg is most associated?

A: Quantum Mechanics.

24. Nucleus of an atom contains?

A: Protons and Neutrons.

25. Which is the heaviest metal?

A: Osmium.

26. What is an Insulator?

A: A material that will not carry an electrical charge.

27. Which Instrument is used to measure the atmospheric pressure?

A: Barometer.

28. Which kitchen item is made up of chlorine and sodium atoms?

A: Salt.

29. “Electricity flows through space from heated metal” who gave the idea?

A: Thomas Alva Edison.

30. Sunlight converts energy and is released by what?

A: Respiration.

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