Bedtime Stories For 2-5 year Old | How To Develop Art Of Storytelling

Bedtime Story 1 For 2-5 year olds How To Develop Art Of Storytelling Parenting Tips For Creative Engagement

English Development through Stories:


Growing children are like a dry sponge and when a sponge is dipped in water it absorbs the water and captures it. The same is for children when we use English stories for kids or bedtime stories for kids they absorb almost all aspects of the story from the vocabulary and diction to even the morals and pronunciation! Making them very absorbent to almost any language in this case!

That is why stories in English are important to help grow your child in all aspects related to the language at a base level.


Allowing your child to grow his/her language skills through story reading or storytelling is an important root aspect for their growth. Starting from short stories in English to longer English stories for kids as a gradual increase to learn and aim to grow higher.

English is now a growing language and is No.1 on the list to learn to survive all over, and this provides another major reason to introduce your child to English stories to build them up early on the language.
When a child listens to stories their imagination runs wild! And with that, it is important to have your child’s imagination reach the skies with our short stories for kids!

It brings imagination alive and allows children to participate and be a part of the world they set up in their minds. Whether the story’s language changes it is still the same! English stories for kids are one of the most turned stories especially ones that have small lessons and morals. Bedtime stories are a big learning area that teaches kids a lot.

Short stories in English or any other language in fact help promote areas in a child’s life, have you ever seen how a child gets interested upon listening to stories said by their grandparents and others? That’s because it directly targets the area of their brain that helps them imagine and grow the aspect of imaging what’s being said, eventually making their brain a mini television.


 A Yummy Treat:


Once Upon a time in a faraway jungle, a jungle so far that is was not present on any map of the world there lived 4 friends.

“I’m Rafiki”  “Hippety Hop here” “I’m Spikey”  “Foxerina here,” said the 4 friends.

There also lived Hedwig a wise old owl with magical powers and it was believed that he had come from the “Land of Man” or “Hominia”.

All 4 friends were happy until they got bored with the food that they ate every day and wanted some change.

“Bored Bored Bored,” said the 4 friends.

Hedwig performed some magic tricks and replaced meat and grass with saucy noodles and sweet chocolate for them for a few days.

“Yum yum yum yum,” Said the 4 friends.

They were happy with this change for some days until Rafiki and Foxy Reena lost all their teeth, spikey lost all her spikes and Hippity Hop lost his hop.

They now understood the need to eat healthy food and to be happy.

Hedwig reversed his magic and all went back to normal once again.

“Yum yum yum, “ said the 4 friends.


Few Questions to engage your child:


Q1. Imagine You have a device that helps you Turn fruits and vegetables into chocolate, pizza, noodles, or any other food item how often will you use this device?


Q2. How do you think Rafiki and Foxirina Lost their teeth, spiky lost her spikes & Hippity Hop lost his hop?


Q3. They now understood The need of eating healthy food and to be happy with whatever has been given to them by nature,  what do you understand by this? 


Bedtime Stories are about quality and not always about quantity, as we have seen the Panchatantra stories for kids have been a great example and we have our base set upon these guidelines to make a story short crisp and all about learning key qualities so children can grow into them and become a more well-groomed child


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