Bedtime Stories For 2-5 year Olds | How To Develop Art Of Storytelling In Kids

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Short Bed Time stories in English

For a child, the reading level by the third grade is an indicator of how well their future educational success is dependent on their growth. And if by a certain time they aren’t able to read at a 3rd-grade level it makes them feel left out from the other peers around them.


But that’s only what studies say, there’s always a way out of everything.

Bedtime stories for storytelling is a small start to that gradual growth level. Especially bedtime stories that are wrapped around morals or lessons that help them picture aspects of life differently and in a more positive manner.

Short stories in English or any other language in fact help promote areas in a child’s life, have you ever seen how a child gets interested upon listening to stories said by their grandparents and others? That’s because it directly targets the area of their brain that helps them imagine and grow the aspect of imaging what’s being said, eventually making their brain a mini television.


Benefits of Bedtime stories:


  • The aspect of reading along or hearing stories at bedtime is a huge benefit to children’s growth in enriching their reading and language skills. Helping them grow, able to converse, and build their vocabulary.
  • It helps them think out of the box and build their imagination, and building a child’s imagination is an important aspect of their growth. As they read vs when they watch television, imagination is an aspect that is highlighted, and while reading that’s where it’s sharpened. Hence Reading and hearing bedtime stories is an important aspect.
  • Building warm memories and spending time with loved ones is another important aspect of having bedtime stories. 
  • Whilst allowing active communication and the need to discuss and also question if they were in such a position as in the story what would they do, making them pick their brain and think out of the box.

Let us take this opportunity to make this a key feature for our children so it becomes a habit and a part of their life daily! 


Here we aim to target these aspects of storytelling. Go through our various stories to have your child pick his mind, build memories and also grow in all the important aspects required.

Jimmy the Giraffe: 


 In the land of Acacia there lived a tall and handsome giraffe called Jimmy with other animals, known for his pride and mischief.

He laughed at Jumbo the elephant which was rude and troubled Robbie the rabbit which was cruel.

“Hey!! Jumbo the fatty long nose & petty little Robbie.” Said Jimmy.

One morning a hunter intended to catch Jimmy and lays a trap.

Jimmy gets caught but Robbie and Jumbo together pull him out of the trap.

Jimmy finally learns his lesson and understands pride does not make him kind and helpful.

“I am sorry!! Being tall and handsome does not make me kind and helpful.”


Questions to ask your child!

Q1. What is Acacia? And where is it found?


Q2. Do you think Robbie and Jumbo did the right thing by helping Jimmy even if he was cruel to them?


Q3. Imagine you have a friend like Jimmy. What would you do?


Q4. What is more important? Being kind and helpful or Being tall and handsome?


Bedtime Stories are about quality and not always about quantity, as we have seen the Panchatantra stories for kids have been a great example and we have our base set upon these guidelines to make a story short crisp and all about learning key qualities so children can grow into them and become a more well-groomed child

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