Best Bed Time Stories For Kids​ Age 2-5 Year Old

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Best Bed Time Stories For Kids

Every child loves the feel of being tucked in right after a hearty meal with a bonus of a bedtime story to give them a good night’s sleep.

A bedtime story is apt to set a routine for your kids so they follow a strict timeline but not to force change but to make them change in a manner that also benefits their learning.

Making bedtime stories a routine, allows your kids to learn new words by allowing them to read along with you or have them read parts out themselves. 

It indirectly creates a reading habit, making them want to actively participate in the fun parts and read even more!

Overall it allows them to grow on the aspect of imagination, bedtime stories allow kids to actively imagine parts of the story in their head as though they are watching it live on television. Which is an important aspect of their mental growth.

As Albert Einstein once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”.

We’ve all heard stories of the impossible and we’ve wanted to know more and more about them.

Whether it be short stories in English or long stories in any language, when it comes to bedtime anything with an imaginative point of view will keep them thinking out of the box.

Panchatantra stories for kids are a good example of how well the aspect of imagination and quality with quantity is incorporated. By teaching morals through stories as well as learning the cultural roots. The Panchatantra stories are a  classic and to date also the aptest example to highlight the aspects of the importance of bedtime stories.


Jumbo’s wish!


In the jungle, everyone kept teasing Jumbo, the elephant who had a strong wish to fly someday!

“Elephants don’t fly !” said the other animals.

Jumbo often tried to climb trees and spread her legs apart thinking she could fly!

Jumbo most of the time crushed the trees under her weight causing her to fall to the ground.

“HAHAHA Fool!!” Laughed the other animals around. Jumbo cried!

One night Jumbo was crying under a tree where Hedwig the wise old owl used to stay.

“Why are you crying Jumbo?” asked Hedwig.

“I wish to fly! Everyone laughs at me but no one helps!” replied Jumbo.

Hedwig offers to help her using some magic! He gives Jumbo magical wings to fly. The magic would break with sunrise and so jumbo had to hurry!!


If you had a chance to make a wish using magic, what would it be and why?


Jumbo was very happy and she flew towards the moon and thought to herself that wishes do come true if you believe in them!

Once dawn broke everything was brought back to normal and Jumbo held her sweet little secret, Jumbo was more confident and believed in herself more there-after!


Q1. Wishes come true with both hard work and belief. Do you think this is true? 


Q2. Did Jumbo work hard and have a strong belief?


Bedtime Stories are about quality and not always about quantity, as we have seen the Panchatantra stories for kids have been a great example and we have our base set upon these guidelines to make a story short crisp and all about learning key qualities so children can grow into them and become a more well-groomed child

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