Build a car & add mechanisms to show different types of motion | School Science Projects

  • Make a multimotion car and understand:
    • Different types of motion taking place in the car (Circular, linear, To and fro)
    • Conversion of one form of motion to other (Circular to linear, To and fro to circular).

    Make an adjustable mini Gunter’s Chain to understand nonstandard
    and standard units of measurement

Vroom Vroom!

Children love cars! But as typical and perhaps difficult topics of 6th grade Science, most students never associate the concepts of ‘motion’ and ‘distances’ to their favorite vehicle. Not anymore! With Butterfly Edufields, we aim to bridge every gap between a child’s vivid imagination and the drab visuals of their Science textbooks! Thanks to our Motion and Measurement of Distance kit, your child will soon learn all about the different types of motion, conversion of one type of motion to another, and understand standard and non-standard units of measurement.

Adding fun and frolic to the experience of learning, with this activity, your child will be able to make a multi-motion car and understand:

  • The different types of motions that take place in a car (Circular, linear, To and fro)
  • The conversion of one form of motion to other (Circular to linear, To and fro to circular).

Your child will learn how to make an adjustable mini Gunter’s chain to understand:

  • Nonstandard and standard units of measurement

With the positive attitude towards education that this activity develops, this activity helps your child grow into a critical thinker with higher-order thinking skills, better decision-making and improved observational skills of the science around them!

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