Build Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Build the model of a miniature vacuum cleaner to understand:
• Air can push as well as pull things – using fan
• Real life application of properties of air
• Air is present everywhere and lack of it leads to sucking of things
• Introduction low pressure and high pressure (HOTS)
• Make a mini shooter and a balloon balance to understand that air can exert force and air has weight.

Air can clean!

An appreciation of the science around us has always helped mankind develop the most ingenious of appliances – testified by even the obscure genius Daniel Hess, who was behind the invention of the vacuum cleaner! With our Do-It-Yourself Vacuum cleaner kit, learn not just about the concept behind the vacuum cleaner, but even the science of air occupying space with our add-on experiments to build your basics!

With this major product of Butterfly Fields’ Do-It-Yourself series, help the innovator and creator in your child grow whilst explaining the basic concepts of our favorite household item!   

How does the vacuum cleaner work?

To answer that question, it is important to know if air occupies space – which It indeed does! Air not just pushes and pulls objects, but even fills them to the brim! Using this same concept you get to build a battery-operated fan from scratch, which acts as the air pump of the vacuum cleaner. With the uber-cool apparatus, learn how the device creates a small vacuum, thus allowing air from the outside in, and sucking objects of mass messes along with it!

Because you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean quite a lot of messes, this kit is not just a science lesson but even a handy appliance!

With the strongly retentive approach of this practical kit, we aid and heighten the order of the thinking skills of your child, by building a more positive attitude towards education and getting the job done with fun, knowledge and experience!

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