DIY Wave Generator | Sound Waves

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Activity 1 & 2 - Sound Waves with Slinky & Straw

Activity 3 - Wave Generator

Build Wave Generator & learn about waves

  • Make a wave generator to understand:
    →Characteristics of sound wave – frequency, wavelength, amplitude
    →Relation between frequency and wavelength
  • Pressure & density in a sound wave
  • Propagation of a sound wave through a medium as a longitudinal wave

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The Sound of Waves

Imagine a world without sound: No communication, no noise, no music! Many devices in our world use sound and the creation, amplification or usage of sound to function. Yet to utilize sound and its features to its utmost, it is extremely important to understand its properties.

With the budding industry swallowing more and more technologies every single day, the need of knowledge, expertise, practice and memory to add ourselves to the picture of the rapidly growing technology scene is a necessary one. With the help of our Do-It-Yourself series, we teach to your child many important concepts from their Science textbooks in creative, memorable, enjoyable and extremely knowledgeable ways!

The first experiment teaches your child how to make the Sound-Wave Generator with the help of provided apparatus to understand the relationship between the frequency and wavelength of a sound wave as well as pressure and density in a sound wave.

With the help of the second experiment of this kit, by using simple and implementable apparatus teach your child the major characteristics i.e., frequency, wavelength and amplitude, of a sound wave.

Your ward will understand how

  • sound is generated and
  • sound travels with another simple experiment.
    Learn how propagation of a sound wave takes place through a medium as a longitudinal wave.

With these experiments, your child will develop a sound understanding of the concept of a sound wave, as well as its crucial characteristics. Butterfly Fields’ DIY experiments sharpen your child’s sense of accomplishment, perseverance and 21st century STEAM skills to develop a more confident and knowledgeable student!

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