Conduct International Year of Light Program in Schools | Case Study

UN General Assembly has recognized 2015 as the International Year of Light, recognizing the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health.

Children are remarkable change agents for the ecosystem and what better way than to educate and trigger the thinking process in children. Help them understand the vital role that light plays in our daily lives and help them understand how light has revolutionized medicine, opened up international communication via the Internet, and continues to be central to linking cultural, economic and political aspects of the global society.”

Become a Partner in this initiative by conducting relevant activities in your school!

Schools can organize an event bringing together different stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, other schools, industry experts (guest lecturers).

Teachers can

  • encourage students to research on key discoveries & latest inventions on Light
  • conduct debates on impact of light-based technologies like LASER (pro’s & con’s)
  • conduct classroom experiments on fundamental concepts of light – reflection, refraction, diffraction etc
  • conduct brain-storming sessions with agendas like: “Ideas to use light & improve life on Earth.”
  • ask students to create working light-based models. Some common examples include: Pin-hole camera,  periscope, telescope, optical illusions etc.

Students can

  • watch cool science videos; they can check out videos on interesting topics of light – Optical illusions, Play with Space & Light etc.
  • do Photography; they can check out collection of stunning winning images in the contest – SPIE’s  World of Light Photography Contest.
  • do crazy experiments; they can start with one of their favourites from the 100+ experiments on Light  – Optics & Photonics.
  • explore gadgets & smartphones; they can find out how smartphones are used by scientists as  measuring instruments using simple apps & add-ons

Here is a case study of a School in Madurai, which celebrated the year of light through hands-on  involvement.

Banner-International Year Of Light-Mahatma Montessori School

International Year Of Light activities integrated into school curriculum

Students demonstrate made model of a Periscope | Experiments on Light | International Year Of Light

Experiment to verify laws of reflection | International Year Of Light

Prizes to student innovators | International Year Of Light Program

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