Construct triangles to verify Congruence Tests – SSS, AAA, SAS, SSA | Math Projects

  • Make a magnetic triangle construction tool to:
    →Construct triangles with given specifications
    →Derive different tests for congruency of triangles (SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS)
  • Complete a matching exercise to verify congruency in different shapes
  • Make moulds for the given nuts and understand congruence in real life

The Three sides of educational fun!

Geometry is by far the most expansive part of a 9th grader’s Mathematics syllabus – and though it may seem overwhelming to few, with the help of our many interactive kits, your child will definitely master the art of Geometry in no time! To ease your child into the concepts of triangles and their congruence, we present to you the Triangles kit, to fully explain the various concepts related to triangles in their syllabus. We present to you the three following exercises:

  • Your child will learn how to construct triangles with given criteria and also derive the tests for the congruency of triangles (i.e., the SSS, SAS, ASA and RHS congruencies) by developing a magnetic triangle construction tool from specific materials for the experiment.
  • Your child will complete a matching exercise in the kit that will help your child identify and verify the congruence of various shapes.
  • Your child will learn how to make ‘molds’ of various nuts by imprinting them on clay, and this knowledge will detail the application of congruence in real life!
    The above activities largely simplify the geometry of triangles and the concept of congruence, thus making studying more enjoyable and memorable thanks to our hands-on learning experiences! With our kits, we ensure your child a nurturing, educative and happy learning experience that builds their out-of-the-box thinking and puts them on a pedestal that is relatable to today’s industry, a world where practical knowledge is far more important than a bookish education!   

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