How To Creative Engagement In Kid’s Bedrooms?

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A room of their own is a very important part of a toddler’s life. It provides them with a free space for testing their creativity. This ‘own’ space of theirs can be a great environment for creative engagement.

Redecorating and rearranging a toddler’s room is important in growing years. Their interests, habits, reflex change leading to wanting a change in their environment. These changes in environments can be as frequent as once a week to as rare as once a year.Frequent changes in the room should be used to teach toddlers several things. Change in decorations could be simple, but impactful. Boards, magnets, toys, paints can be used to create these changes. Basing these changes on themes like numbers, animals, letters have proven to be more effective for learning. Apart from this, you can also integrate several activities in their room in order to creatively engage them.Shapes and Colours:Toddlers use colours for distinction. Colours stimulate learning and leave a calming effect on kids. Have you ever wondered why children’s books are colourful and illustrated while books written for teens and young adults are monochrome? The simple reason is that colours attract attention. Toddlers are fascinated by colours, which is why everything around them is always colourful.Preschools are the hub of activities revolving around shapes. Shapes and colours are the most noticeable elements of the world.  

Creative Engagement in Bedroom

Toddlers make connections based on similarity of objects. This similarity comes in the form of shapes. Identification and segregation of shapes form the basis of education. Identification of shapes helps in identifying alphabets and segregation helps in differentiating one alphabet from the other.Sort the Shape is an activity which revolves around this concept. Carve holes of different shapes in a container and sponge. Remember the hole should be a little bit bigger than the shape made out of sponge. Ask your toddler to identify the shape of the sponge and put it in the container through the correct hole. Use this opportunity to teach your toddler about different shapes and angles.Treasure Hunt can be played in any space. Show your toddler a shape and ask him to go around collecting that shape. The other way of playing it would involve collecting objects of a specific colour.Painting stimulates the brain. It uses various colours to draw various shapes and is fun and engaging. It integrates all the aspect of learning and also helps in improving motor skills, fine pincer grip and muscle coordinationBelow are few other activities which use the same concept:Tape City:Make a city using removable tapes of different colours. Make buildings on walls, roads and parking lots, cross roads, footpaths and zebra crossing on the floor. Use different types of toy cars and run them over these roads. Teach your toddler about signals, driving directions, etc. Kids can play this for hours. You can slowly integrate other things into your city like police stations, hospitals or parks. Associate different cars to different places like a police van should be parked outside the police station and an ambulance should be outside the hospital.Word BuildingWorld building is an easy and exciting game to play with toddlers who are able to identify alphabets. This game will improve their language. Use small and big Legos for this activity. Smaller Legos should be used for writing individual alphabets which fit over bigger Legos used for writing words. Now ask your toddler to construct a building of words and their alphabets. Use simple words like; can, dog, cat, sit, food, pen, etc.Vegetable Printing:Dip or paint cut vegetables and press them on papers. Vegetable printing is used in several handloom factories manufacturing clothes. These designs look beautiful and will teach toddlers about different types of vegetables and fruits. These designs can also cover a small part of the wall of the room.Indoor Basketball:A great way to develop a child’s motor skills is by having an indoor Basketball. Indoor basketballs are small and will not cause any real damage. Throwing the ball in the basket can be a great physical and mental activity. This will keep your toddler busy for a long time.Puzzles:Puzzlers are great for creatively engaging toddlers. They are easy to carry and come in a variety. They keep toddlers busy for hours.Puzzle solving has several benefits, these include:Development of problem solving skills.Development of Cognitive and fine motor skillsImproving hand-eye coordination.Goal achievement satisfaction.Above are few of the many activities that can creatively engage toddlers. You can play board games, read books, and recite poems in the same space. Let your kid pick his favourite activity, but keep exposing him to

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