Demonstrate properties of air through simple projects | Cannon, Balloon balance, Water candle experiment

Carry out a series of experiments to understand different properties of air:

  • Air occupies space & has weight – Balloon balance
  • Air can push things – Hydraulic cannon
  • Air (oxygen) is needed for combustion – Water candle experiment

The Cannon of Science!

Not all cannons are used as weaponry! Did you know that the first cannon was invented in China, although its name is derived from the Italian word “Cannone”, meaning large tube?

There are all sorts of cannons – most of which are used as artillery in wars, but today we present to you an all-new kind of (harmless) cannon: The Hydraulic Cannon!

This kit unconventionally combines the property of air pressure to launch a cannon! Using two hydraulic pumps and a launching movable mini-vehicle, the cannon can be moved to various projectile angles, and be launched accordingly! With the help of this project, your child will perceive out-of-the-box thinking and nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills.

But this kit’s utility doesn’t end just there!

From practical implementation with the help of a balloon balance, this kit will teach your child the most major property of air: that it occupies space and has weight.

Further, perform the famous candle-in-a-jar-experiment with our provided apparatus to understand the presence of air pressure, and the effect of heat on air!

This kit is an important constituent of STEM skills, as it teaches many concepts fundamental to academic science, with the novel approach of practical experiments and experiential teaching.

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