Design Thinking for Innovation

Expand your child’s problem solving skills through the design process
For 10-15 Year old
Starts From 18th May, Time: 11am, Duration: 2 Weeks

20 hrs

Live interaction

15+ hrs



Video Lessons




per student

What is Design?

Key Takeaways & Course Overview

Completing the course will help you


Discuss with the students about their likes and dislikes, about their hobbies.

  •         Sketch their liking in Padlet App.
  •         Promise them that if they follow the classes and perform all the assignments end of the course they will be a better student
  •         Divide them into groups according to their field of interest.

OUTPUT: Ice Breaking, Understanding the students and forming groups  

DURATION: 60mins

ASSIGNMENT: Pick up Best designed products/ objects around them which they feel is good and ask them to list down the reason or write a paragraph about it. And submit it Padlet

Part 1: Discussion on the Assignment submitted on the  previous day

  •         Part 2: Common interaction
  •         Part 3: Meeting groups

OUTPUT: Group InteractionTrigger their observation skills.

DURATION:  60mins

ASSIGNMENT: Small exercise on creating, making, sketching objects about what they like.

Part 1: Discussion on the Assignment submitted on the  previous day

  •         Part 2: Discussion on  why certain products looks attractive –

E.g.: Car has its own shape, colour, proportion of headlight etc. Series characters, pen, pencil that they use daily.  Floor mate has got texture that has a purpose of texture to the functionality. Soap that they use

OUTPUT: Understanding the elements of design – Line, Shape, texture, colour, space, form and value.

 DURATION:  60mins

ASSIGNMENT:  Collect objects which you feel is a bad design and try to list down the solutions.

Part 1: Discussion on the Assignment submitted on the  previous day

  •         Part 2:  An activity on writing using the opposite hand . Eg. If the child is right hand person, he/she has to write using left hand 

OUTPUT: To give an essence of Empathy – Research the  Users’ Needs

DURATION:  90-120mins 

ASSIGNMENT:  Be like the Personality for a day . Eg if the kid wants to develop a product for blind people – then blind fold yourself to understand the pain that they will go through.And identify the pain that kid would have experienced – to validate the Observation done on the previous day.

Part 1:Ask them to write down the problem statement . and discuss further on that.

  •         Part 2: Discuss a common problem – Current scenario – Covid 19 (HCWs fighting in front end ) and come up with a problem statement

OUTPUT: To understand how to define the initial problem statement.

DURATION: 90-120mins 

ASSIGNMENT: Choose a problem or product to take up the further courses . Brainstorm with the family and highlight the Top three problem statements

Part 1:   Present the problem statement with the team .

  •         Part 2:  Ideate on  ideas to make a video game that teaches you concepts of magnetism

OUTPUT: Ideation with sketching 

DURATION:  60-90mins

ASSIGNMENT : Ideation on the personal topic chosen.Sketching/doodling/etc 

Part 1: Presenting the ideas /solutions. ·        

 Part 2: How to choose the idea! Brainstorm with students on how to carry milk packets from      ground floor to 3rd floor and cumulatively help them choose one best solution .


OUTPUT: Selecting one option from the ideas generated.

DURATION:  60-90mins

ASSIGNMENT :Choose the best solution from ideas sketched .

Part 1: Let students present their chosen best idea 

  •         Part 2:  Ideate with student and choose a solution on “a tool that allows you to open doors hands free”

      Part 3 : Interact with children on material exploration . ask them to pick up objects of different materials and discuss the properties of materials used. 


OUTPUT:  Prototyping 

DURATION:  90mins 

ASSIGNMENT : Explore ideas on Prototyping  for the individual topics 

 Part 1: Presenting the initial prototyping ideas      

      Part 2: Asking students how cars are made, toys are made, jewels made.Tools

      Part 3: Session on tools for Prototyping. 

OUTPUT: Steps, techniques  and tools

DURATION:  90mins 

ASSIGNMENT: Start  Prototyping for the individual topic 

Part 1: Presenting initial Prototypes .

  •         Part 2: Exchanging ideas . Discussing what are the other ways to make the same prototype made by the students and takina tour in warehouse showing machines and equipments used for prototyping 

      Part3: Introduction to Tinker cad

OUTPUT:  Digital Prototyping methods 

DURATION:  60- 90mins 

ASSIGNMENT : Exploring TinkerCad online software

Part 1: Presenting the work done by them and clarifying if  doubts on Tinker cad software·

         Part 2: Discussing 3D printing and its benefits – Asking them how game boards and Pawns in the game  are made. What has the manufacturer done before the huge number of pawns are manufactured ?



OUTPUT: Introduction to 3D printing , Laser cutting machine 

DURATION:  60-90mins

ASSIGNMENT: Final prototype making  and testing of the same. And list down the observation

Part 1: Presenting the testing result of the prototype made 

  •         Part 2: Discussing the gaps 

      Part 3:  Discuss on how to improve on a normal dustbin to make it into one that can be  kept inside the house and does not stink and fill the gaps . How to take good feedback .

OUTPUT: Importance of testing 

DURATION:  60-90mins 

ASSIGNMENT : Improve the prototype and make a better model addressing the gaps in the testing /; 

(For next day – a session on how to cook without fire ,hence few ingredients can be asked to keep it ready for the same)

Part 1: Let everyone prepare food without fire – Fruits salad or sandwich etc. Where the students will have to take pictures of each stage and post it in Padlet . And they have to present the food differently with a story . 

  •         Part 2: Discussion on why documentation is important. / How interestingly we present things. 


OUTPUT: Importance of documenting / 

DURATION:  60-90mins

ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a dish and make a video showing a dish is prepared from start to finish. Can combine the video in Video Collage App.

Part 1: Feedback on the videos made 

  •         Part 2: Asking them if they were given a chance to re-design the progress card , how would it be ? Leading the discussion to portfolio making. 

      Part 3: Interaction with Design Expert

OUTPUT: Discussion on Portfolio Making 

DURATION:  60-90mins 

ASSIGNMENT: Document the entire 14 Days work

Part 1:Feedback (by other students)on Documentation along with the portfolio.

  •         Part 2: Feedback of the entire Course 


OUTPUT: Concluding the session , Giving them point of contact 

DURATION:  90-120mins 

ASSIGNMENT: Asking them to send their design to BFF so that their models can be made and sent  

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Frequently asked questions

15 days – Starting from 18th May 2020.

Basic materials like Pencil, A4 Size Sheets , Sketchpens or any colouring material, glue and will be asking to work with the available materials at home.

We are Product Designers with cumulative experience of 40+ years.

Building 21st Century Skills activities, starting from the Thinking activities to making products.

Yes . That won’t be a problem, but let your child express his or her thoughts freely

 Mostly in zoom , if required we might use google Hangouts also

 Activities to trigger their thinking to make products.

Using the available materials at home and the end product which your child designed will be manufactured and sent to you from BFF.

Design thinking help your child to build the 21st century Skills

Yes , You will be getting a certificate of completion​ ​after you complete the course.

 ​Yes, If your child doesn’t enjoy the course, we would definitely refund your money.

Yes , We will be coming up with exciting activities every day to engage your child for 15 days.

In Design the science , maths etc has a role in it . From thinking about a problem to a solution to make a model has science and maths.

No it will be fun and interactive , even your child wouldn’t want to take a break

Sorry ! Each session is linked to the next day’s session, missing out could be a loss for your child. Or we could give a separate time slot on the same day.

No ! More amazingly your child will be making a product of her own

Yes , our team will not restrict you from reaching us after 15 days.

If you do , it will be a great loss for yourself

You will be able to see the change in your child’s ability to think critically and make products by the end of the course​.

We will have a session with Design Experts, to expose your child to live interaction with them.

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