DIY Electrolysis & Electroplating

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DIY Chemistry Experiments – Electrolysis & Electroplating

Make a miniature electroplating unit to see:
• copper deposition on iron nail
• Real life application of electroplating.

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The Science of Electrifying Chemistry!

Can chemical reactions produce electricity? Further, can electric current cause chemical reaction?

Yes, and yes, indeed!

With the help of this hands-on kit, assimilate an elementary understanding of the Chemical effects of Electric Current.

With this kit, you will create your own battery with the help of water, salt (thus acting as an electrolyte) and two diodes to light a bulb!

Next, learn about the effect of electroplating: the deposition of one diode’s metal on the other!

With the help of an apparatus similar to the first experiment, use Copper Sulphate in water as an electrolyte, and connect all kinds of objects in the place of the cathode: use an iron nail, wooden stick, iron sheet and aluminum sheet and sit back and observe the fascinating chemical reaction that occurs!

With the experiential lesson this experiment teaches, your child will learn the practical applications of chemically-induced electric current and the applications of electroplating!

With the experiments of this kit, allow your child to develop a perseverant understanding of the science behind the chemical effects of electric current, in addition to a sense of accomplishment after successfully completing this elegant yet highly practically applicable experiment!

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