To help kids

– get further engaged ⏲️,

– develop habit of DIY🛠️ with the kit & 

– progress on their journey of Innovation 🛣️

in an entertaining🥳 & educative way👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

We have formed a community for the like minded kids and parents for an extended engagement and knowledge sharing. Here in the community which is more like a Tinkering family, kids can showcase the made models, participate in contests/quizzes, Science info posts and win exciting prizes.

Appreciating and motivating the kids for their effort is given weightage.

Meet our Junior Tinkerers

Poorvi showing how her Table Fan works  

Chaitanya experimenting with his hover craft 

Siddhi’s Table Fan in the making  

Riddhi enthusiastically making the Hover Craft


Devansh keen to make a Vacuum Cleaner

Zaad excited for his favorite Hover Craft experiment 

Congratulations 😇 kidoos for winning BFF goodies 🦋🎁

#YoungBFFians 🔥😁

ART challenge young Artist

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