DIY Shadow Project Kit

Build a model with a light source, object and screen to understand:
• How shadows are formed?
• Know the effect of changing object distance on size of the shadow formed.
Build a model to see how change in angle of light changes the length of the shadow formed.
Identify the shape of the object by seeing its shadow.

Picture abhi baaki hai!

Children, by default, love projectors. In the classroom they can make lessons more fun, they showcase our favorite form of entertainment on the big screen, and their functioning is fascinating to even look at.

But honestly, how are they made? I’m sure this question has scratched the back of every inquisitive mind – which almost every child possesses!

So at Butterfly Fields, we love delivering knowledge that not only children are curious about, but also is very relevant to a child’s curriculum. With this project, we address the major question of how projectors work by creating one ourselves!

With this experiment, we bring forth to life the concepts of shadows, just exactly how they are created, and their significance in daily applications. With our simple and easy-to-use-and-build apparatus, this Do-It-Yourself project teaches the dependence of an object’s shadow on the object’s distance, and without this knowledge, modern cinemas would have been impossible!

Using a light source, our provided screen, and a screen, the mini-projector model will help your child understand the concept of the change in the angle of light and its effect on the shadow formed as well. Add this up with the fun game of identifying the shape of a given object by looking at its object, and you have a wonderfully applicable and hands-on experiment to build a mini-projector!

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