Grade-6 Subscription

A Complete Package for Academic Success

Do you want your child to develop a deep understanding of subjects like Math and Science?

Want to build a better foundation of concepts?

Research has shown that Hands-On Activities creates deeper understanding, makes studies exciting and leaves a lasting impact on your children.

How our Hands-On Learning Methodology Work ?


Build – Apply – Learn

Earn & Redeem Points
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Help your child for Academic Success


Price (MRP) Rs. 3300
Price Rs. 1950

Benefits to Your Child​

  • Our DIY Activity Kits are mapped to your child’s Curriculum based on concepts that are being taught in school.
  • Focuses on the 16 key developmental areas required for holistic growth.
  • Enable 21st Century Skills – STEM learning
  • Develop interest in Science and Technology

Price (MRP) Rs. 6600
Price Rs. 3540

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Here's What Your Child Will Get in The Box:

Month - 1

Light & Its Mysteries

  • Make a Kaleidoscope & create beautiful patterns
  • Make a Projector & see science behind shadows

Month - 2

Our Amazing Solar System

  • Make model of earth, sun and moon to understand:
  • Formation of different phases of moon
  • Effect of rotation on Earth’s shape

Month - 3

How Stuff Works

  • Make & learn working of a Vacuum Cleaner
  • Make & learn working of a Parachute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Shipping is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything extra. We ship across India.

Yes, you can cancel a subscription any time. Your balance amount from the subscription will be refunded to your account within 10 business days after deducting for the delivered boxes at the price of one-month subscription.

Yes, you can change the address for subscription delivery at any time.

Yes, you may! If you would like to move to a lower or higher Grade segment during a subscription or any-time.

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