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  1. Total number of boxes as a whole 

Trouble Shoot : There are two boxes – 1. Base Kit , 2. Top-Up Kit 

  1. Batteries not working

Trouble Shoot: Open the battery holder inserts the batteries given in the Kit.

  1. Solar Panel not working

Trouble Shoot: First connect the Solar Panel to the Buzzer, with collecting Red Alligator clip of the solar Panel to Red Alligator clip of the Buzzer, and connect Black Alligator Clip of the Solar Panel to the Black Alligator clip of the Buzzer.

  1. Gear Motor not working with 9V Battery

Trouble Shoot: Gear Motor requires only Maximum of 5V power, so use it with 3V power source only.

  1. LED bursts when used with 9V Battery

Trouble Shoot: Small LED bulbs should be used with 3V power source only, avoid using with the 9V power source.

  1. Axle not fitting with the Gear motor

Trouble Shoot: Try matching the inner shape of the Axle and fit accordingly to the gear motor white colour protrusions in the either sides .

  1. Unable to find the activity videos

Trouble Shoot: Kindly Scan the QR code Card provided in the Kit. And try not changing the YouTube channel apart from the channel you land on after you scan the QR code. There are Channels of other BFF products too, so kindly refer the Junior Tinker Lab At Home Channel only.

  1. What to do, if the charge in the batteries get drained off?

 Trouble Shoot: Kindly replace the batteries, 9V batteries and AA batteries are commonly available in the market.

  1. What to-do if gear motor stopped working after enormous use?

Trouble Shoot: You can connect to us, we shall courier the same but this will be chargeable.

  1. Yellow part shown in the video is missing in the kit, due to which unable to do the activity.

Trouble Shoot: Soft part used is the foam pieces, it will differ from kit to kit. So don’t worry if the video shows different colour and in the kit your received might be of different colour, but the function remains the same.

  1. Are there any online session?

Trouble Shoot: Orientation is available. Other Session will be notified soon.

  1. Who is the point of contact in case of doubts and queries ?

 Trouble Shoot: Email ID: connect@butterflyfields

Whatsapp Number:  9121901694

TinkL Whatsapp Community.https://chat.whatsapp.com/KD5IsKHEFMSHgV3Nk5JU8d

  1. If my child breaks certain parts how /from where do we get the replacement?

Trouble Shoot: can connect to us, we shall courier the same but this will be chargeable.

  1. Can the battery be charged with solar panel?

Trouble Shoot: No

  1. Robo walker not working.

Trouble Shoot: Robo walker is in Advance Level Activity in the Kit. Always don’t start with Advance Level Activity. Let your child explore from Beginner to Intermediate to Advance level activities.

There are multiple parts used in the activity, kindly check the gear motor before you start with the activity, if the gear motor is not working you need to replace it with new one.

In case if it’s working kindly proceed and make sure you maintain required gap between each pieces inserted, avoid crowding of pieces. Also if there is lot of friction, the pieces won’t move freely for the Robo Walker to move freely.

  1. Solar Car Not working.

Trouble Shoot: Kindly check the connections between the Gear Motor and the Solar panel. If connected from red to red and Black to Black point and not working try reversing the connection i.e. Red to Black and, Black to Red. Let the child Tinker and try to keep the Panel at an angle.

Preferable Time to keep the set up under the sun: 12pm to 2pm




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