Flip Classroom

A school striking a balance between multiple co-curricular activities & academics used the Flip Classroom model

A school located in an industrial / automotive hub town in South India, mainly catering to the children of employees working in the auto OEMs, ancillary units. The school headed by a renowned educationist of that area, relied on external service providers for support. The school grabbed every single opportunity to ensure that their students were at par with their City counterparts in terms of exposure.


With multiple service providers, many extra curricular activities there was a mounting pressure on syllabus completion; yet the school wanted the best of both the worlds! At one time there were over 10 service providers providing different services, right from IIT JEE foundation coaching, to speed math, to ICT digital classes, to name a few. The school wanted to address it as it didn’t want to compromise on its objective of giving explore at part with city kids.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

This is when the school did the Flip Class room method using the Butterfly fields Kits. The students were given the kits based on the lesson schedule and were required to work at home and come back with their explorations, in some cases working models to the school.

The teachers then engaged with the students about conceptual understanding in the class room. This way, a typical topic which at times took 12 – 15 periods could be completed in 3-5 periods saving a huge amount of time and too with better learning outcomes. Students were graded as part of project work – as part of formative assessment.

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