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Alphabet Learning

Teaching kids alphabets can be a tough task. And English can be confusing for kids. So where can you start? Around the age of 2-3 kids start getting curious about their surroundings. And there are many benefits of teaching kids at a young age and you can’t overlook the fact. What can be the best way to help in your kid’s alphabet learning? The best way is to make it fun and enjoyable. 

Children love learning new things. They are naturally curious about everything. You should make sure to explore this side of your kids. You can teach alphabets through play and games. There are many toys also that help you learn alphabets. So we have listed the best ways to help your kids learn. 

5 Best Ways of Alphabet Learning


Alphabet learning at a young age helps your kid become a better learner. They also make your kid choose what they want to learn when they grow up. It is important that you teach your kids by choosing a way that is good for them. What’s the best way to teach your kids alphabets? You want to know if reading books is best or playing games. We have listed 5 exciting ways you can teach your kids alphabets.

 1. Alphabet learning in a Fun Way


No one likes boring things, especially kids. Making alphabets learning fun is the best way to teach kids alphabets. One of the best ways of alphabet learning is through videos. Make them watch interesting videos and cartoons that help them learn. You can also help them learn through things that make them curious. So, wooden alphabets can also be a great way to help them learn. There are also other toys like magnetic alphabets that can be great to boost learning.

Kids also love art and craft. You can make them learn through making their own alphabets. You can use origami paper, beads, stickers, tapes to have fun with letters. Make this a family activity and scribble with your kid. Your kids will love this activity. You can also use play dough to make letters.  

 2. Learn Alphabets Through Music


Music and kids can’t be separated. We all know kids love music and remember them. So why not use music in your kids’ alphabet learning. Music can be a great way to help kids in alphabet learning. It can help your kid to find the difference between sounds of A and B. Music soothes the mind and helps your kid to concentrate. It can also lead to brain growth. Along with teaching your kid alphabets, music can boost their vocabulary. 

So, sing alphabet songs to your kids or make a song on your own. Sing out each alphabet to your kid and help them learn. Singing also engages them and grabs their attention. You can also ask them to repeat after you or join in by making their own song. This will also boost your bond with your kid.

 3. Learn Through Picture Books


Reading is the best way you can teach your kids alphabets. Since your kid is young why not grab a picture book instead. Picture books are great to help your kid learn alphabets. Kids can remember pictures for a long time so use this to help them in alphabet learning. You can also grab a book with swollen text, so your kids can trace them with their fingers.

They will remember alphabets like they remember their surroundings. These books will also help boost the attention skills of your kid. Picture books also help them develop a love for reading. This will help them in future studies. Picture books can also help your kids learn the names of things inside your house. You can read these books anywhere, on the couch or on the bed at night. Grab a book in place of bedtime stories and have fun.

 4. Solve A Puzzle To Learn Alphabets Or Play Games


Kids love to solve puzzles, they play with them even when they grow up. These puzzles make them curious and are great exercises for their brain. So grab a puzzle and help your toddler in alphabet learning. Your kids can play with these puzzles for hours. These puzzles also help build the vocabulary of your kid.

There are many kinds of puzzles available in the market, you can choose any one of these. Or you can take your kids to the garden. Hang letters on the fence or gate of your house. Give your kid a water gun and ask them to point it at the letters of their name. You can also fill balloons and ask kids to hit the letters with them. Choose anything that your kid finds fun. This water sport can be a great way to help your child to learn alphabets.

 5. Repeat Again To Make Kids Learn Alphabets


You know your kids better than anyone else. So you know they don’t remember things if you tell them once, do they? You need to tell them again and again. The same goes for alphabet learning. Make sure you repeat the same letter again in between learning other letters.

Your kid’s mind will remember the letter even if your kid pays little attention to them. You need to keep in mind to repeat the alphabets. Try making a week for one letter. Ask your kid to pick out a letter each week and then do activities related to the letter. You can trace out the alphabet on a piece of paper, and cook dishes with the alphabet. Read books that start with the alphabet for bedtime. For example, if it is “M” then you can spend a music week and eat mango.

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