Heat – Modes of Transfer | DIY Science Project | Instruction Manual

  • Measure the seemingly immeasurable!

Before the thermometer was first invented in the 17th century, the thought of measuring heat would have surprised anyone. Ever since then, temperature has been as easy to measure as body weight. Measuring heat has also been important to understand the concept of convection and conduction currents, and the transfer of heat to create sea breeze and land breeze. But thermometers have always been considered as industrial or medical devices that can only be purchased and not constructed domestically. As Science always breaks barriers, at Butterfly Fields we break this barrier by teaching your child how to make their very own thermometer by using our provided apparatus in the Do-It-Yourself Thermometer Kit!

Demonstrate convection currents & Compare rate of conduction of heat in different metals

Do & Learn:

  • Perform an experiment to understand the concept of heat and temperature.
  • Make a setup to see how rate of heat transfer varies in different materials – Conduction
  • Make a setup to see heat transfer in liquids & gases – Convection currents in action
  • Make a thermometer & understand its working principle – expansion of fluids on heating

Play Simulation Here

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