Junior Science Labs

Junior Science Labs made effective

This case is about a well established, CBSE school in central India, with over 3500 student strength. It catered to the middle & lower middle income segment parents. The school had over 1300 students from grades 6 to 10.


This Principal cum Director realized that for the students of high school, laboratory classes had turned up being routine record keeping sessions. Students were loosing interest as these lab sessions were not at all effective in triggering curiosity or developing interest towards science.

The School was looking for options where in for an incremental cost of Rs.300 – 400 per student, they could provide a better experience through these activities.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

Since the Butterfly fields offers Reusable kits a set of kits could be used across multiple sections. The school had almost 300 students per grade spread across 6 sections. The workbooks were detailed with theoretical concepts, exercise questions, concept maps and spaces for taking down observations.

How did the School implement the program?

Each section was split into groups of 4 students and 12 kits were enough. The same 12 kits would be reused across sections. Workbooks were included as part of the book list. The same kits could be used across sections. The students would write their observations and answer the questions in their workbooks but carry out the activities in groups.

The cost of the kits was also apportioned to be included as part of the books. This way, the school didn’t have deplete any of their budgets & was also able to provide this new experience to the students.

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