Build. Apply. Learn. Explore. Dream

Create a place in your home where you actually can go from inspiration, idea to solutions & making things. Be a DOER!

Tinkering made Fun and Easy!

Play time just got more fun and experimental! Our tinker lab@home lets the creative mind of your tinkering kid explore the mysteries and magic of science at their very own home.Our vision is to help children explore every little idea that strikes their innately imaginative minds. From building table fans to electrically operating cars, all from the tools in a box that we consider the building blocks for unlimited experimentation


50-in-1 Base kit + Theme based Top-ups

1. AWESOME PROJECTS: All the materials you need to build a creative, innovative, STEAM project

2. VIDEO TUTORIALS : Easy step by step Instructions

3. Designed and Made in India – Patent pending 


What age group is this kit for?

This patent pending kit is for the age group for kids 7 years and older 

Are there any references- on how to do?

Yes there are step by step video references and how to do videos on our YouTube channel 

What all will i get with this kit?

You will have to get the base kit in which includes 50+ activities and additionally have to purchase topups 

how will this kit help my child?

This kit is is to develop your child’s creativity and imagination with open ended play .  We  want to create a place in your home where your  child can actually can go from inspiration, idea to solutions & making things. Be a DOER

Is how many activities will be able to do with this kit?

This kit is specifically designed to build unlimited activities based on your creativity and imagination . the base kit will support 50 + activities 

Is this kit made in india?

Yes, in fact both designed and made in India 

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