Learn Area & Perimeter | Math Project

Use a measuring tape to measure perimeter of irregular figures
Use transparent graphical slims to measure area of irregular figures
Make your own house plan & find its area & perimeter – role of an architect

Measuring Math!

Area and Perimeter – two crucial parameters of mensuration – require a child’s imagination and can be tricky topics when not treated with practical implementation and experiential learning. Even more critical is the concept of finding the areas of irregular figures! How does one find the area or perimeter of such figures? How can such figures compare to regular figures?

Butterfly Fields to the rescue!

With the help of various materials and its easy-to-use apparatus, Butterfly Fields simplifies the basic concepts of Mensuration with the Mensuration kit’s Do-It-Yourself activities!

This project will arm your child with the following knowledge:

  • How to use a measuring tape to measure the perimeter of irregular figures
  • How to use transparent graphical slims to measure the area of irregular figures
  • Your child will learn how to make their own house plan and thus find its area as well as perimeter. Your child can play the role of an architect!

Aided by screws, measuring tape, boards of various regular and irregular figures, and measuring grids, perform the following activities:

  • Finding the Perimeter of different shapes
  • Finding the perimeter of a circle (circumference)
  • Using ‘counting’ Squares to find area
  • Finding the area of the map of ‘India’ using counting squares/grid
  • Making a house plan!  

Thanks to these interactive, fun-filled, academic and enjoyable activities, your child will improve their 21st century STEM skills, and grow an appreciable independence that is aided by perseverance, focus, love for education and a practical creativity!

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