Learn single digit addition & subtraction playing the Numbers game

  • Play a coin game with numbers to relate counting of objects to numbers.
  • Associate words to basic operations on numbers: Addition (+): gain, Subtraction (–): lose.

Number Games

Assi.. Nabbey.. Poore sau!

A child’s domestic education usually begins with an iteration of A for apple, and the first ten numbers of the number system: 0,1,2,3… and so on.

But an even more important facet of basic knowledge for all 1st graders is the ability to relate numbers to counting. This crucial property associated to numbers may seem trivial but is important for all children to implement at a young age for a more all-round future Mathematics understanding. After students understand this concept, applying simple operations such as addition and subtraction becomes even simpler!

Just as you will see with our Numbers kit, which consists of the following two extremely fun activities:

  • Your child will get to play an easy-to-understand and enjoyable coin game with numbers to relate counting of objects to numbers
  • Students will learn to associate words to basic operations on numbers: Addition (+): gain, Subtraction (–): lose

Education is an unending process! And when you combine education with games, frolic and hands-on learning, children will enjoy every step of this process! With Butterfly Edufields’ activities, your child will develop an early sense of accomplishment, confidence, perseverance and appreciation of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that exists around us!

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