Locate different organs & their position in the human body

  • Learn about:

    • Sense organs and their functions.
    • Internal organs and their location & functions through assembly of see through human body.
    • Paste dummy organs at their locations on your body, using clue cards.

Organs in the Human Body

With our diverse activities that capture your child’s imagination whilst teaching many concepts critical to their 3rd Grade Science syllabus, the Organs in the Human Body kit consists of the following activities:

  • Your child will get to play a flash card game to learn about 7 different internal organs & their position in the human body
  • Your child will play a board game to know about the function of each of the seven different organs.
  • Your child will get to play various challenging puzzles in the workbook, which are based on different organs.

As a hands-on and interactive and fun-filled activity, your child will soon be armed with all the knowledge they deserve with the help of our various engaging and creative activities that integrate both education and knowledge with the far more appealing concepts of card games, board games and puzzles that your child will definitely love!

That isn’t all! Why crawl when you can fly? With Butterfly Fields’ applicative learning and experiential lessons, your child will soon get to enrich their critical thinking skills, focus, enjoyment of education, and genuine appreciation of all the science and miracle that exists within our own bodies!

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