Make 3D glasses and see how they work | Teach primary and secondary colors by mixing colors

  • Mix different colours to get new colours & learn about primary and secondary colours.
  • Make 3D glasses to see an application of colour mixing in real life.


Simplicity, elegance, and a touch of unadulterated fun – welcome the activity of Colour Mixing! We provide your child with the apparatus to learn the basics of a very enjoyable set of activities that will enhance your child’s understanding of different colours, the process of various colours’ mixing as well as their applications in daily life.

The Colour Mixing kit for your 2nd grader consists of the following activities:

  • The first activity consists of a labeled board, various cups and provided colors to provide a systematized method to mix different colours and get new colours, thus allowing students to learn about primary and secondary colours.
  • Enjoy 3-D movies? We provide the material using which your child can easily learn how to make their own 3D glasses, and in turn understand this application of colour mixing in real life.

Never let your child miss a blink of their syllabus by making it interactive, engaging as well as equally knowledgeable as the regular curriculum, by using our various Do-It-Yourself projects that develop the innovator, maker and out-of-the-box thinker in your child! At the tender age of 2nd grade, it is easy to mold children into future performers, thinkers, and doers! Allow us to aid the process with our various hands-on learning kits that bud the creator and scientist in your child!

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