How to make Ball & Socket and hinge joint | Biology Projects

  • Make joints – ball and socket joint, hinge joint and pivot joint and understand :
    • Names of different joints and their location in human body
    • The structure of various joints in human body
    • Importance of joints in movement
    • Degrees of freedom of Hinge and Ball & Socket joints.

    Play a game – Dig dug bono to understand different types of bones and their location in our body

The Joints that hold us together

The human body is a marvel of genetics, biology, science and evolution: as the most intricate species to ever exist, human beings are made of countless genius mechanisms that are yet all to be tabulated. From all the systems we have a knowledge of, the bone-muscle structure is by far the most important for our movement. To understand the depth of the concepts that allow their movement, a simple explanation will not suffice.

Butterfly Fields bridges this gap by using a Do-It-Yourself kit that allows students to create a project of joints and sockets to understand their working with an experiential and more critical understanding.

The DIY-Body Movements project helps your child to make joints themselves to understand their utility: by using materials provided, make the ball and socket joint, hinge joint and pivot joint to understand this pivotal structure of the human body.

This kit helps teach your child the names of different joints as well as their locations in the human body.

This DIY-project provides further knowledge about:

  • The structure of various joints in the human body.
  • Importance of joints in movement.
  • Degrees of freedom of the hinge, ball & socket joints.

With the help of a game called the Dig Dug Bono, your child will become archaeologists to travel around the world from the comfort of their seat to dig out bones and collect them, thus understanding the different types of civilizations to unearth their bones and understand their locations in our body.

As one of the most important chapters of Grade 6 Biology, the study of the human body is remiss without a study of joints, bones, sockets and their degrees of freedom. This DIY project makes studying easier, more fun, more knowledgeable and far more memorable with its hands-on approach. This kit increases a child’s critical understanding of Science, and will help them improve their motor skills, perseverance and thus develop a sense of accomplishment with the easy-to-follow steps to complete as well as enjoy this kit.

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