Make a drum, pipe organ & an ear drum model | Vibrating air column

  • Make a mini drum and water pipe organ to understand how sound is produced.
  • Make a ear drum model to understand how you hear sound.
  • Learn about the different types of musical instruments and how they produce sound.
  • Know how different kinds of sounds are produced (sharp, soft, loud).

The Sound of More than Music

One of the five critical senses of almost every living being, the ability to hear is essential to day-to-day functioning and communication. While we all know sounds are produced by vibrations and are received by the ear, how exactly does this mechanism work? How are these vibrations transmitted? 4th Grade Science introduces its students to the basics of Sound, and we thought there was no better way to explain all of the concepts than to bring them to life with dynamic Do-It-Yourself models!

Consistent of the following activities, the Introduction to Sound activity is an exercise of interactivity, enjoyability, education and unadulterated fun!

  • Your child will learn how to make a mini drum and a water pipe organ to understand how sound is produced
  • With provided material, they will get to manufacture an eardrum model to understand how humans hear sound.
  • They will learn about the different types of musical instruments and how they produce sound
  • Your child will get to know how different kinds of sounds are produced (sharp, soft, loud)

How do Buterfly Edufields’ experiments benefit your child? The benefits are manifold! By developing a sense of independence and a more harmonious relationship with education, your child will soon think in a larger-than-life sense that is inclusive of a sense of accomplishment, an appreciation of the science around us, a steady attention span, patience and more creativity!

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