Make a dust bin module to segregate recyclable & bio-degradable wastes

Set of comprehensive games to:

  • Categorize waste material according to material properties.
  • Categorize waste into recyclable and degradable.
  • Know different methods of disposing the waste material.

Waste is but manageable!

If your child ever were asked what they thought the moment someone said ‘board games’, education is perhaps the last thing that they’d think of. But Butterfly Edufields is here to change just that!

Introducing to you numerous interactive games in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand format, your child will soon implement various waste management techniques thanks to our Waste Material Management kit!

As a country that is gradually growing into a Swacch Bharat, it is perhaps integral to our curriculum to maintain and understand the importance of managing the colossal waste that we find littered in our surroundings – as children armed with the know-how, significance and ease of managing waste, your child will soon abide by the country’s soon-to-arise clean and immaculate image!

This kit consists of a set of comprehensive games to:

  • Categorize waste material according to the material’s properties
  • Categorize waste into recyclable and degradable
  • Know all the different methods of disposing waste materials

Encouraging all sorts of education and knowledge available to a child to be in a friendly and equally academic format, Butterfly Edufields enriches your child’s self-reliance, effective utilization of time, develops a sharper focus and allows space to grow as innovators, collaborators and performers!

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