How to Make mini Parachute

Make a parachute to understand:
• Air drag and gravity as forces.
• Relationship between weight of the person and size of the parachute.

Solve a maze puzzle using magnets.
Create static charges by rubbing different materials to experience electrostatic force.
Do a series of experiments to see effects of a force applied on a object.

The Parachute of Knowledge

Are you fascinated by the idea of skydiving? Or perhaps, the ability to fall through air with the support of just a simple device that fills with air to slow your fall? Parachutes are life-saving objects that apply the critical concepts of air drag and gravity to land even the heaviest of people to safety!

With its applicability to students’ curriculum and the practical know-how it can provide, we present to you as a proud segment of our Do-It-Yourself series, the DIY: Mini-Parachute!

With this kit, your child will learn how to create a mini-parachute by using our customized apparatus that is easy-to-use and extremely effective! The Mini-parachute even consists of a figurine to mimic the same aerodynamics of an actual parachute – talk about cool!

This DIY project increases a student’s in-depth understanding of the forces and the effects of gravity and air drag, whilst instinctively producing a more critical understanding of the relation between the size of a parachute and the weight of the object/person.

Thanks to the perseverance and confidence that our projects instill in your child, they will always remember the hands-on education provided by our DIY projects!

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