How to make a miniature hand loom? | DIY School Science Project

  • Build a miniature hand loom and make your own wrist band by weaving 2 threads together
  • Touch and feel different types of clothes and identify the fibre (silk, cotton, manmade) etc.

Sew me!

Implementation and academics go hand in hand in a consummated education! To prove the same is our Weaving Do-It-Yourself kit. With the Weaving kit for all 4th graders, your child will perform and learn the following:

  • Your child will get to build a miniature hand loom and therefore make their own wrist band with the help of it, by weaving two threads together!
  • The provided material will allow your child to touch and feel different types of clothes and identify different fibers such as silk, cotton, manmade fibers etc.

As an ancient practice that has united cultures, ethnicities, traditions and heritage, the art of weaving runs deep in our blood and ancestry. As a critical part of Science as well as your student’s curriculum, we believe this activity is necessary for all students to fully understand the three-dimensional characteristics of weaving, instead of regular lessons from a textbook that inherently limits a child’s imagination and understanding of the concept. The Do-It-Yourself apparatus will allow your child to utilize their creativity, collaboration skills, teamwork, focusing abilities, decision-making skills, whilst developing all of the above, as well as an appreciation of the science that exists in all the machines around us!  

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