Make a model to find order & degree of rotational symmetry | Math Projects

  • Find line of symmetry for a given figure.
  • Make shapes with given no.of lines of symmetry.
  • Make a model to verify if a shape is rotationally symmetric or not.
  • Find order & degree of rotational symmetry.
  • Schedule a tournament using the concept of Rotational Symmetry.

Rotational Symmetry

As seen since the beginning of time, nature has always loved symmetry, and Physics has always loved balance. Butterflies, the human face, flowers, honeycombs – the list is perhaps endless. An extension of symmetry is rotational symmetry – a feature of a figure that displays symmetry even after certain degrees of rotation. But how many manmade figures are symmetrical? The advent of human inventions has ushered in numerous inventions, but very few abide by nature’s principle of symmetry. With our Rotational Symmetry kit, we implement various principles and relevant apparatus to fully understand the concepts of Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry, to eradicate any confusion your 7th grader may have about the topic.

With this project, your child will be taught:

  • How to find the line of symmetry for a number of given figures, by using a mirror.
  • With various colorful figures, use a mirror to understand how to make shapes with a given number of the lines of symmetry.
  • How to make a model that will verify whether a given shape is rotationally symmetric or not.
  • How to find the order as well as the degree of rotational symmetry of a figure, by using various cut-out figures and provided apparatus.
  • Finally, your child will perform an enjoyable activity to schedule a tournament using the concept of Rotational Symmetry.

This interactive and colorful project engages every fun-loving 7th grader in a confidence-building lesson that increases practical knowledge, self-reliance and an appreciation of the science around them!

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