Make a model of Human Eye to understand its working & defects of vision | School Science Projects

  • Make a model of the human eye to understand:
    →Structure of the human eye,
    →How images are formed in the human eye?
    →Different parts of the eye
    Make a model of a defective eye with hypermetropia to understand:
    →the difference in image formed
    →the defect and its correction using an convex lens
  • Make an adjustable lens to understand how our eye lens works
    Different types of cataract, their cause and cure

The Magical Human Eye

With a better resolution than a thousand cameras, stronger than any manmade device, and our portal to the entire visual world – the wonderful, magical and omnipotent human eye. With many little invaluable components, such as the iris, cornea, pupil and optic nerve – the eye loyally transmits everything it sees to the brain. But what about when its vision slackens? What if it doesn’t work anymore? To answer these questions, a primary question needs to be answered first:

How does the human eye work?

Our Do-It-Yourself projects come to the rescue!

With the help of the second light kit of our DIY series, we explain to you the working of the human eye, and the functioning of a defective eye to contrast both and develop an airtight understanding of the science behind the eye!

As one of the most important components of secondary school’s Biology syllabi, Butterfly Fields brings to you a very practical and experiential project that depicts the human eye to explain, part-by-part, and the very working and structure of the eye.

Make the model of the human eye to understand how exactly it is that images are formed by the human eye, further implement the model to understand the different parts of the human eye, as well its structure.

Secondly, we provide the apparatus to create a defective eye, which is in this case suffers from hypermetropia, to compare and contrast the structure, functioning and image formation.

But how is this defect corrected?

We answer that as well! With the help of the adjustable lens, understand how a lens works, which type of lens corrects the different types of defects, and finally, understand the various forms of cataracts, their causes and their cures!

With this round-circle explanation of the eye and its defects and cures, we aim at arming students with a very strong understanding of the science around us and of our bodies, to develop a critical, perseverant and practical thinker!

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