Make plant and animal cell model using simple materials | Science Projects

Make a scaled up plant and animal cell model to:
• Understand their individual structures
• Learn about their structural differences
Play an exciting chain making card game , Cellinos, to learn and understand the function of different cell organelles

The Tiny and Mighty Cell

If atom is the building block of matter, then the cell is the building block of all living things. As the smallest possible size of everything that is alive, the cell is fundamental, extremely functional and self-reliant. Because as size decreases, the complexity increases, the cell is without doubt as complicated as it is microscopic. This makes the understanding of this fundamental unit of life extremely crucial to fully understand the basics of the vast and expansive subject of Biology. With Butterfly Fields’ Fundamental Unit of Life kit, your child will soon receive a fully-formed and unparalleled understanding of the cell.

As a detailed and highly-applicative exercise, this project consists of many parts whose step-by-step connections of:

  • The Chloroplast
  • The Centriole
  • The Lysosome
  • The Mitochondria
  • Golgi Apparatus
  • Smooth and rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
    The Cell Membrane
    Will allow your child a full understanding of the plant and animal cell’s
  • Individual structures
  • And their structural differences
    That’s not all! This kit also comprises of an exciting chain-making card game called Cellinos. As an enjoyable academic experience, this game will teach your child the function of all of the various cell organelles.

Butterfly Fields’ projects allow your child a fully consummated educative experience that enhances their perseverance, focus and sense of accomplishment because of its simplicity yet highly educational lesson. With the hands-on approach of our projects, your child will perceive and understand the science of our environment!

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