Applications of Trigonometry

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Make a Theodolite & measure height of any object you see | Applications of Trigonometry | Math Projects

  • Make a heights and distances model with an observer’s view and a building, to observe various scenarios encountered in problem solving.
  • Understand the concept – angle of elevation and angle of depression.
  • Make a hand-held Theodolite instrument to determine the angle of elevation or depression of any point from the horizontal and calculate the height of an object from the ground

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Un-complicate Trigonometry!

We all have fears – at home some of us are scared of darkness, at work many of us are scared of job audits or upcoming inspections, and on stage some are frightened of a large audience! But in school, there’s one monster we must admit has haunted even our nightmares – 10th grade Trigonometry!

Trigonometry, i.e., the branch of mathematics that deals with triangles and the relationships between their sides and angles, is just like all fears. Even this monster can quite easily be scared away with the right hand – so why not let your child overcome this fear with their own hands, and a little bit of our help!

With the Butterfly Fields’ Trigonometry kit, not only do we introduce your child to the fundamentals of Trigonometry, we also explain its various applications in experiential and fun-filled detail!

This kit will teach your child:

  • With a heights and distances model that they will make by using precise measurements between the given materials, your child will learn about the change in distance and angle, from observer’s view and building’s view. This will help them observe various scenarios during problem-solving.
  • Will understand the concept of angle of elevation and angle of depression.
  • The theodolite instrument, a device usually used in industries for precise measurements, can now be created with the help of this kit’s apparatus! The handheld theodolite instrument can determine the angle of depression and angle of elevation at any point from the horizontal. This data can further be used to calculate the height of the object from the ground.
    Thanks to the simplicity of this hands-on kit, your child will not only improve their STEM skills and perseverance, but also soon understand trigonometry in unforgettable detail!
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