Make a working Windmill School Project

Make a battery operated fan to see how electrical energy can move a fan.
Move a magnet through a maze to see how magnetic energy can move things.
Build a wind mill to see how wind energy can be used to lift load using a basket.

You’ve got the power!

Appreciate the science around you with this experiential kit that teaches a practical knowledge of the various forms of energy in the most fun, do-it-yourself way imaginable!

With energy massively depleting and renewable sources of energy being the need of the hour, it is crucial for children to know the significance of energy in today’s society and its impacts on us. With this kit, help your child develop a sharper focus on the concept, thus understand the science behind energy and its transfer from one form to another.

Create a fully functioning windmill by using a battery, a handy stand and a fan, use magnetic energy to find your way through an enjoyable maze, and make a wind-energized load carrier using your own energy!

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