How to Measure Surface Area & Volume of regular & irregular solids | Math Projects

  • Make different solid shapes using cubes & find their surface area
  • Make cubes & cuboids using NETS & find their surface areas & volumes
  • Find volume of a cylindrical container

The three dimensions of firsthand learning

Whenever the topic of mensuration is presented to an 8th grader in class, it is always recommended to visualize the shapes of the figures to fully understand how their volumes and areas can be calculated. But why limit their understanding to only visualization, when Butterfly Fields can bring their imaginations to life with its Do-It-Yourself Mensuration kit? With its largely applicable and enjoyable apparatus, the Mensuration – Surface Areas and Volumes kit promises to provide an educational and fun-filled experience that completely covers the entire topic of mensuration with its creative edge of actual three-dimensional implementable figures!

We at Butterfly EduFields believe students deserve to achieve their goals in the 21st century by building a strong foundation of creativity, perseverance, critical thinking and confidence. With our Mensuration kit, your child will soon understand:

  • With provided apparatus, your child will use provided cubes, and cylindrical hollow tubes to find the volume of a cylindrical container.
  • How to make different solid shapes by using cubes, the surface areas of these figures is later found with the application of formulae.
  • Your child will make cubes & cuboids by using NETS (or grids) to find their surface areas as well as volumes.

Owing to its applicability to basic STEAM skills, this mensuration kit with enrich your child with an easy-to-retain experience because of their firsthand learning, and your child will remarkably develop their out-of-the-box thinking and easily remember surface area and volume formulae and methods that can be replicated in classes and exams.

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