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Importance of Storytelling and Imagination!

When a child listens to bedtime stories their imagination runs wild! And with that, it is important to have your child’s imagination reach the skies with our short stories for kids!

It brings imagination alive and allows children to participate and be a part of the world they set up in their minds. Whether the story’s language changes it is still the same! English stories for kids are one of the most turned stories especially ones that have small lessons and morals. Bedtime stories are a big learning area that teaches kids a lot.


Moral Stories have the ability to teach us new ideas, make bonds, and most importantly, drive change. Our famous Panchatantra stories for kids in India have been a huge area to allow kids to learn daily life morals and etiquette. 


Studies say that when children listen to Panchatantra’s stories they are driven to imagine as the story is being said, it brings their mind to a creative level and allows children to explore their own cultural roots.


Whether the story is a short story in English or a long one, it is important that they are moral-based stories.

When the stories include important lessons or maybe some of their favorite characters they tend to remember more or relate and even apply those lessons or morals in their mind consciously or unconsciously which in turn determines the behavior and traits they develop.


Stories for kids at any time are important for children at a young age especially from ages 2 years to 5 years. Bedtime stories always brought in nostalgia and helped children determine their actions and lean morals! 


Use our short stories for kids to help them learn the small and important morals that will leave a huge impact on their life in the coming years!

Listen now and allow them to read along with the video to help in their Reading and pronunciation skills!


The Lost Laughter!


In the land of Indigo, there lived a Leopard named Rafiki. One day he gets very sad as he has lost his laugh.

Rafiki goes to Jimmy the Giraffe to ask for help. “Please help me find my laugh Jimmy,” asks Rafiki. “I can’t hear a laugh up here, I’m tall” replied Jimmy.

Sad Rafiki then goes to Walligator the Aligator for help. “Please help me find my laugh Walligator,” asks Rafiki, “ I can’t find a laugh down here “ replied Walligator.


With lost hope he goes to Robbie the rabbit for help “ Please help me find my laugh” asks Rafiki, “Where did you lose it ?” asks Robbie.

 Rafiki told Robbie how he lost his laughter “ When I laugh my big teeth will be seen and I think everyone will be scared! So my laughter disappeared and now I’m sad!” said Rafiki.

Robbie picks up a feather and tickles Rafiki and slowly … very slowly starts smiling and lets out a big laugh!! 

“Where did you find his laugh?” asked Walligator! Robbie replied, “ It was inside him, I just made him happy hehe..!” 


Rafiki laughed till he rolled to the ground and the other animals also started laughing! They all laughed and laughed and their teeth showed too!

“I will never lose my laugh again!” Said Rafiki!


Few questions for your Child:


Q1. Rafiki stops laughing because he is worried that everyone might get scared looking at his teeth. Do you think he needs to worry? Why or Why not?


Q2. If you have a friend like Rafiki who has lost his laugh somewhere, how would you help your friend?


Q3. “It was inside him, I just made him happy” What do you think of these words? Why is it important to laugh and be happy?


Bedtime Stories are about quality and not always about quantity, as we have seen the Panchatantra stories for kids have been a great example and we have our base set upon these guidelines to make a story short crisp and all about learning key qualities so children can grow into them and become a more well-groomed child.

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