New Budding IGCSE School

How a new Budding IGCSE School, Differentiated itself from competition?

A new upcoming IGCSE School came up with its campus, located over 10 km from the main city in a Tier 1 City of India. There are over 10 well established CBSE schools in a 5 km radius, most of these schools are closer to the city. It had 100 admissions in 1st year.

Challenges Faced:

The main challenge was to get Parents to visit the campus to experience the surroundings and engage with the counselors. Since the school was located in a place which had well established schools, it was important to differentiate and overcome the inertia of parents. The management was also facing the challenge to make their advertising spend more effective, as existing forms were not effective to get walk ins to the School.

How did Butterfly Fields Engage with this school?

Live demo to kids & parents-rocket launcher-Butterflyfields

Initially, a Fun Science event cum Workshop was planned, inviting parents / children in the area in partnership with Butterfly fields. All existing students and parents were invited along with the new parents looking for admissions. The workshop gave an opportunity to parents to visit the campus and experience the infrastructure. Students were happy as they had fun building working models and they also got to take the models home.

Fun Science Workshop – Butterflyfields

Such workshops are nice opportunities to have new parents come and interact with existing parents. Experience the infrastructure of the school and engage with the teachers. Found it to be more effective in terms of RoI the other regular forms of advertising that the school was taking up. This was a great opportunity for the parents to educate the parents and demonstrate to them about the benefits of the Cambridge curriculum and its focus on project based (non book) form of learning. Post the workshop, the school organized a few more such events and managed to get good walk ins and since the school had a good infrastructure and qualified educators the conversion rate was high.

What is the current status?

Now the school has grown to a strength of 800 plus happy students in 3 years. The school has integrated the Topic wise Projects as part of their curriculum for Science and Math for all the grades from 1st to 9th. At every Parent teacher interaction at the school, students are encouraged to display the working models and explain the concepts that they learnt through them. Click here to see list of class-wise projects mapped to IGCSE curriculum.

Students display working models & explain concepts – Butterflyfields

The school regularly updates the photographs of the children making models and doing projects in the class rooms on its social media platforms (facebook, etc.) and keeps the engagement high with its parents.

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