Why Bedtime stories?

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Panchatantra stories For Kids:

Stories allow kids to grow on the aspect of imagination, bedtime stories allow kids to actively imagine parts of the story in their head as though they are watching it live on television. Which is an important aspect of their mental growth.

As Albert Einstein once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”.

Moral Stories have the ability to teach us new ideas, make bonds, and most importantly, drive change. Our famous Panchatantra stories for kids in India have been a huge area to allow kids to learn daily life morals and etiquette. 


  • The aspect of reading along or hearing stories at bedtime is a huge benefit to children’s growth in enriching their reading and language skills. Helping them grow, able to converse, and build their vocabulary.
  • It helps them think out of the box and build their imagination, and building a child’s imagination is an important aspect of their growth. As they read vs when they watch television, imagination is an aspect that is highlighted, and while reading that’s where it’s sharpened. Hence Reading and hearing bedtime stories is an important aspect.
  • Building warm memories and spending time with loved ones is another important aspect of having bedtime stories. 
  • Whilst allowing active communication and the need to discuss and also question if they were in such a position as in the story what would they do, making them pick their brain and think out of the box.

The Missing Moon


Misha loved to watch the night sky, she sat for hours and watched her friend shiny the moon

One night the moon was missing, there was a huge hole where the moon used to be, Misha needs to find her friend. 

“Shiney oh shiny where are you?”

She goes to Jimmy the giraffe and Jumbo the elephant asking for help. Both of them say they will not be able to help her as they were day animals and at night their vision was weak.

“Please help me find my friend Shiney,” said Misha, “Sorry we are day animals,” said Jimmy and “Our vision is weak at night,” said Jumbo.

Maisha becomes sad and weeps, she meets Acrobat the bat, and tells him about the missing moon.

“Why do you cry, little girl?” asks Acrobat, “I am crying because I can’t find my friend shiny” says Maisha.

Acrobat tells her that he and his brother Hedwig all are night animals have strong night vision and are ready to help her

“Don’t worry me and my brother will help you, we are night animals,” said Acrobat “Oh thank you acrobat” says Maisha

Maisha cheers up and sits on Acrobats back and follow Hedwig in the deep jungle, They see a light shining and follow the light, after a while, they find the moon. 

“Shiney how did you get here, Oh … I was Worried !” said Maisha, “I went to meet my cousin Moonfish and now I’m stuck here, Please Help me!” said shiny. 

Moon had gone to meet his cousin Moonfish in the sea and on his way back got stuck in between two trees.

Masha along with Hedwig an acrobat helps her friend Shiny out and the huge hole where the moon used to be was filled again.


Few questions to engage your child:


Q1. Maisha leaves in search of the moon, Why?


Q2. Do you think people would’ve helped Maisha if Acrobat and Hedwig would not have found the moon? What might have happened?


Q3. What do you mean by day & night animals? Why are they called so?


Q4. Are there any other day and night animals in the story? 


Bedtime Stories are about quality and not always about quantity, as we have seen the Panchatantra stories for kids have been a great example and we have our base set upon these guidelines to make a story short crisp and all about learning key qualities so children can grow into them and become a more well-groomed child

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