Over the last 3 months, as the increasing threat of COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in India, our team set out to find a way we could help and contribute. We designed, developed and manufactured Innovative Personal Protective Equipment( Protective Gear, Shields, PPE’s )  – for the safety of frontline hospital and health care workers using indigenous technology.

We have impacted over 40,000+ Healthcare workers across 150 different hospitals by providing them protective gear of 50,000 face Shields, 150 Intubation hoods & 100+ Other PPE Products (Isolation Booth, OPD Booth, Separation Shield, Table Shield etc..)

COVID-19 Personal Protection Equipments

To meet the urgent need & enable ramping up capacities across regions and locations, we have kept our design files open source for you to Do It Yourself

Face Shield

Intubation Hood

Protective Table Shield

Intubation Hood

Mobile Shield

Intubation Hood

OPD Protective Shield

Waist Length Face Shield

OPD Protective Shield

Foot-Operated Hand Sanitizer for public places

Personal Protection Equipments Use Cases

Face Shield:Use Cases – across different Frontline People at Receptions, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Malls, Offices and Educational Institutions. [ Read More ]

Waist Length Face Shields:Use Cases – Goes up to wait length – Ideal for ENT, Dental, Surgical Procedures, to avoid the risk of aerosol exposure from the bottom as well as sides. [ Read More ]

Head Gear Face Shields:Use Cases – Doctors, Goes up to wait length – Ideal for ENT, Dental, and Surgical Procedures, to avoid the risk of aerosol exposure from the bottom as well as sides. [ Read More ]

Table Shield:Use Cases – Frontline Desk People with People Interactions, Receptions in Hospitals, Govt. Offices, Places without cubicles, Educational Institutions etc. [ Read More ]

OPD Examination Booth:Use Cases – For Examination of Out Patient Departments in Hospitals, Clinics. [ Read More ]

Isolation Booth:Use Cases – For separately seating Patients who show symptoms of Coughing, Sneezing – for Out Patient Departments in Hospitals, Clinics. [ Read More ]

Multipurpose Mobile Shield:Use Cases – For separating out areas of Interaction while ensuring visibility. Reception areas, Canteen, Consultation Area, Production Units, Hand Wash Stations. [ Read More ]

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand: Use Cases – Apartment Complexes, Offices, Retail Stores, Hospital Wards, Corridors, Reception Areas, Shop Floors, Educational Institutions, ATMs. [ Read More ]

Hood/Aerosol Box:Use Cases – In all Aerosol Generating Procedures, Tracheal intubation, Nebulizer treatment, Manipulation of oxygen mask, Bronchoscopy, Non-invasive ventilation, Insertion of nasogastric tube, Suction of body fluid, Administration of oxygen, Mechanical ventilation, Manual ventilation, Collection of sputum sample,Chest compressions, Defibrillation, Chest physiotherapy, High-frequency oscillatory ventilation, High flow oxygen, Tracheotomy, Airway care, Cardiac resuscitation, Manipulation of BiPAP mask, Endotracheal aspiration. [ Read More ]

Acrylic table shield | SNEEZE GUARD:Use Cases – Ideal for all restaurants, banks, office desks, grocery stores and all retail stores alike. Why is this a great sneeze guard? To keep employees and customers safe. This acrylic Table shield enforces physical distancing making everyone feel more comfortable during this health pandemic. [ Read More ]

Our Impact

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Face Shields
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Intubation Hoods

Media Coverage of Our Personal Protective Equipments

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Face Shield

Intubation Hood

Foot-Operated Hand Sanitizer for public places

OPD Protective Shield​

OPD Protective Shield

Protective Table Shield

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Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are used for protection of the facial area & associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids of infected patients

The aerosol box/ Intubation Hood separates the doctor from the patient by acting as a barrier. The medical professionals can perform the intubation procedure by standing behind the patient’s head and looking through the transparent box and inserting hands through the holes provided in the aerosol box.

Yes. 1000+ Healthcare workers across 10+ Hospitals in Hyderabad. Naming a few are NIMS, Gandhi, Sunshine, AIG, Mamatha, Niloufer, MNJ Oncology, Yashoda, Aditya , ESRA 

Yes. For face shields – You can wipe/ rub with a cloth dipped in alcohol based sanitizers.
For intubation hoods – In NIMS, Doctors had tested out by spraying it with Peroxide solution and also Sodium Hypochlorite solution. They found that the box was intact and visibility not affected.

We are also working on a disposable aerosol box, which will be available in next 3-5 days.

Yes. Very easy and are already being used across different Frontline Warriors of  Hospitals, Police, Water Supply, Sewerage Board. Click here to watch DIY videos.

Share your requirement by clicking here

or email to

or whatsapp to +91-94902-17677

Yes in special cases.

We need a letter from the head of the institution along with the requirements, we would be happy to support.

No. We are not open to resellers.

Yes. EMS Postal Services, Blue Dart and other courier options are also opening. Write to us and we can figure out which one would be the quickest and with optimal cost.

Minimum order for outstation is 2500 face shields.

A Maximum of 2 Days. We have a production capacity of 4000 Face Shields a day & 20 isolation Boxes a day. Current Stock of Face Shields is 10000 and Isolation Boxes is 30 nos.

Kindly support our cause by donating through UPI ID. Contribute your donations to “butterflyedu@denabank”

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