Play the BODMAS game to learn order of operations in an expression | Math Game

Play the Operation Math game & learn:
• Different basic operators (+, -, x, /)
• Priority of the operators when used in combination in an equation – BODMAS
• Forming different expressions by using combination of operators to get a specific desired result.

Dr. Math!

Basic, implementable, and enormously fun! Allow your child to play the role of Dr. Math, operating on various numbers to not only solve their problems, but even develop a strong fundamental understanding of mathematical operations!

The fundamentals of Math can always be made fun and lovable for children if taught in an interactive and practical lesson. Butterfly Edufields emphasizes on bringing education to life with its various Do-It-Yourself projects that will alleviate your child of all academic fears and in turn add a friendly and enjoyable touch to education!

With the help of our Math Operations kit, your child will soon learn:

  • How to play the Operation Math game, and thus understand:
  • The different basic operators (+, -, x, /)
  • The priority of the operators when used in combination in an equation i.e., the concept of BODMAS
  • How to form different expressions by using the combination of operators to get a specific desired result

This kit ensures that your child understands BODMAS and formation of different expressions, two important basic concepts that they will use for years and years to come! With the Operation Math game, your child will develop their cognitive speed, innovativeness, collaboration, patience, a sense of accomplishment and a longer attention span!

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