Play Human vs Wild game to learn good & bad practices for conservation of flora and fauna | Biology Activity

Play the Human vs. Wild game to understand:
• Various ways to conserve wildlife – Sanctuary, National park, Biosphere Reserve etc.
• Conservation status of animals – Red data book

Child vs. the Wild

Did you know that 801 species of animals have completely been removed from the face of Earth? Or that almost 4000 animals are currently in critical danger of dying imminently? With civilization budding at an unstoppable pace, the lesser privileged lives of animals are at the stake of endangerment, and sooner or later, complete extinction!

The social awareness of a child is just as important as knowledge, and Butterfly Fields aims for a full-circle development of every individual child. We help develop a wider understanding and appreciation of not just science, but even the worldly environment and its dire issues. With the crucial edge of practical education and experiential learning that we provide, our interactive Man vs. Wild game is bound to leave a long-lasting, positive and critical impact on every child.

The Human vs. Wild board game helps teach your child:

  • The various ways to conserve wildlife, in the form of a sanctuary, national park, and biosphere reserve etc.
  • The conservation status of animals in the form of the Red Data Book.
    This activity will instill in your 8th grader higher order thinking skills, greater concern and knowledge of our wildlife, whilst providing to them a healthy and important dose of academic knowledge as well!

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