How to teach addition & subtraction of integers using a number line game | Math Game

Make your own number line from jumbled up integer puzzle pieces to understand:
• Number line and position of positive & negative integers
• Significance of negative sign in deciding which
integer is bigger – number line arrangement.
Play the integer maze game( level 1 and level 2) and learn:
• Operations – Addition and Subtraction of integers
• Comparing integers (Positive and negative)

Putting the ‘fun’ in fundamentals!

The concept of Integers are a crucial subject for all 6th graders’ Mathematics skills. Integers usually play an important part in the fundamentals that later appear in higher classes. Without understanding integers, one may never understand algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, number lines, or even simple equations! As such a simple yet critical concept of Math, it is important to understand its full utility. Butterfly Edufields does just this with its interactive, practical and enjoyable Integers activity!

With the help of this activity, your child will soon understand the following:

  • How to make their own number line from jumbled-up integer puzzle pieces to understand:
  • The number line and positions of positive and negative integers
  • The significance of the negative sign in deciding which integer is bigger i.e. the number line arrangement.
  • Your child will get to play the integer maze game to learn:
  • The operations of Addition and Subtraction of integers
  • Comparing positive and negative integers

As an activity made out of only puzzles and games, we put the ‘fun’ in fundamentals with practical implementation and interactive academic experiences! Your child will soon fully understand the concept of integers in an unforgettable, enjoyable and educational fashion! That’s not all – with our interactive projects and games, we ensure that your child develops a positive and more applicative outlook on education, thus developing their out-of-the-box thinking, developing higher order thought and inculcating an appreciative perception of the math around us!

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