PPEs to combat nCOVID-19


Over the past weeks , as the increasing threat of COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in India, our team set out to find a way we could help and contribute.

We designed, developed and manufactured Innovative PPE’s – Face shields & Aerosol Boxes for the safety of frontline health care workers.

Our PPEs in usage

1280 Face Shields, 14 Intubation Hoods already delivered to 7 hospitals in Hyderabad and also to front line people in HMWSSB & Police Department

Intubation hood in use-ButterflyFields
Intubation Hood in use at AIG Hospital, Hyderabad
Intubation Hood @AIG Hospital
Intubation Hood @AIG Hospital
Face Shield @NIMS Hospital
Face Shield @NIMS Hospital
Police staff using Face Shields
Letter of Appreciation from Director NIMS Hospital
Letter of Appreciation from Director NIMS Hospital
Minister KTR appreciating the initiative
Minister KTR appreciating the initiative

Make PPEs Yourself

Follow the step by step instructions below to Make PPEs all by yourself

Intubation Box DIY Instructions

Face Shield DIY Instructions


Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are used for protection of the facial area & associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids of infected patients.

The aerosol box/ Intubation Hood separates the doctor from the patient by acting as a barrier. The medical professionals can perform the intubation procedure by standing behind the patient’s head and looking through the transparent box and inserting hands through the holes provided in the aerosol box.

Yes. 1000+ Healthcare workers across 10+ Hospitals in Hyderabad. Naming a few are NIMS, Gandhi, Sunshine, AIG, Mamatha, Niloufer, MNJ Oncology, Yashoda, Aditya , ESRA .

Yes. For face shields – You can wipe/ rub with a cloth dipped in alcohol based sanitizers. For intubation hoods – In NIMS, Doctors had tested out by dipping the box into Hypochlorite solution. They found that the box was intact and visibility not affected.

Yes. Very easy and are already being used across different Frontline Warriors of  Hospitals, Police, Water Supply, Sewerage Board. Click here to watch DIY videos.

Share your requirement by clicking here.

Yes. Free for Govt. Hospitals – 500 Face Shields free. Private hospitals – 100 Free Shields for Free. Will charge additional requirement at cost.

No. We are not open to resellers.

No. Because of lockdown, we will not be able to deliver at your location.

You will have to arrange for pick at our Warehouse Location – https://maps.app.goo.gl/4ze65xnU2BDf5ETD6 

A Maximum of 2 Days. We have a production capacity of 4000 Face Shields a day & 20 isolation Boxes a day. Current Stock of Face Shields is 10000 and Isolation Boxes is 30 nos.

Kindly support our cause by donating through UPI ID. Contribute your donations to “butterflyedu@denabank”

Place Request For PPEs

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