Practise making pictograms, using tally marks & how to make a time table

  • Build a rotating flag wheel model to understand collecting, organizing, representing & interpreting data.
  • Use of tally charts for collection of data.
  • Representation of the collected data using pictograph.

Data Handling for Doers

With Butterfly Edufields’ Data Handling kit, your 3rd grader will get to perform the following activities:

  • They will build a rotating flag wheel model to understand the collecting, organizing, representing & interpreting data.
  • They will understand about the use of tally charts for collection of data.
  • They will learn about representation of the collected data using pictograph.

As the numero uno priority of many engineers and computer science professionals, data handling is an important concept that commands an enriching and deeply rooted knowledge of the subject to fully understand even its basics. By nurturing your child with an early grip over the subject of data handling, we believe that they will gain the necessary exposure and roots to implement in later in their lives. As a 21st century quintessential skill that is important to all STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Management) courses, this activity will definitely build a strong foundation that your child can exploit later in their professional as well as academic lives!

Butterfly Fields’ motto of harnessing every student’s potential to become a doer and performer instead of a simple rote-memory learner is deeply entrenched in the corporation’s belief that all children are special, and deserve to fly! We bring this belief to life with our many Do-It-Yourself activities that promise to give your child a nourishing, invigorating, enjoyable and academic experience!

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