Would you want to Transform student learning from ROTE TO REAL ?
Facilitate the transition of chalk & talk to Student centric mode Provide experience for deeper understanding of concepts
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Would you like to kick start STEM learning in your school ?
Implement 21st century STEM learning at as low as 500 Rs. Per student
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Would you want your Primary and Middle School Children get engaged in Project based Learning ?
Provide Project based learning experience for Primary & Middle School children to Inculcate the Habit of Experimentation Trigger curiosity & develop interest towards science
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Would you want your school to be differentiated from Competition?
Make your advertising spend more effective, and increase the Student admissions Focus on project based form of learning as differentiator in your school
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Would you like to transform classrooms into labs to overcome Space Constraints in your School?
Get rid of High Cap Ex & Running Costs for a Lab and get a better outcome that too at a fraction of the cost
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Would you like to try the flip class room model and address the issue of time?
Provide opportunity to Students to learn at their own pace
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Project-Based Learning Programs Customized To Your School Needs

Students impacted
Schools Reached

Cultivate Innovation and create AHA Moments in the journey of learning


Concepts are experienced, not taught! We create such experiences
Modules developed after thorough research and mapped grade wise to topics being learnt by the Students.
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See how Private Schools with different needs & challenges converged with Butterfly Fields

Benefits for the schools

  • Enable 21st Century Skills – STEM learning
  • Zero Set Up Cost and flexible fit to budget solutions
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Multiple modes of absorption
  • Option to add a margin on the fee charged to students
  • Facilitates the transition of chalk& talk to Student centric mode
  • Can Support slow learners in the class better
  • Helps in closer binding with students
  • Facilitates CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) implementation
  • Hands-on learning making hands and mind busy
  • Provides experience for deeper understanding of concepts
  • Productive engagement – build, think, apply, play and explore
  • Encourages self learning
  • Happy to see their children bringing made models to their home, play, explore and experiment
  • Helps in improving the attention span
  • Supports slow learners
  • Effective engagement time for children, keeping them away from TV / Video Games etc.


To create a customized solution for your school needs

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