Magnetic shapes toy for 2+ year girl or boy
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Fun Engaging Magnetic Shapes for 2, 3 and 4 Year olds, Creative Gift Toy for Unlimited Imaginative Play


  • BORED OF SAME OLD GIFTING OPTIONS? Fun, Unique, Educational, Meaningful & Innovative Birthday Gift to creatively engage your child.
  • BUILD SKILLS: Fun Magnetic Shapes helps the kid understand construction mechanisms, improve their soft skills & build self-confidence while keeping the entertainment quotient high. It directs the kid’s curiosity to help him learn and explore.
  • SURPRISE YOUR CHILD with this (Fun Magnetic Shapes) Unique & Innovative Birthday Gift that they will cherish. Trigger CURIOSITY & Ignite the SPARK of Science and CREATIVITY in your child.
  • FRUSTRATED WITH YOUR CHILD’s SCREEN TIME? Effectively engage & challenge your kid with our fun level-based hands-on challenges.
  • AWARD WINNING STEM LEARNING KITS – We have been awarded by IDA in Holistic Development category for our innovative, tinkering, Fun learning and STEM-based learning kits.

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Fun Engaging Magnetic Shapes for 2, 3 and 4 Year olds,
Creative Gift Toy for Unlimited Imaginative Play

Why buy Magnetic Shapes?

This toy set encourages kids to use their hands and fingers to manipulate the tiles hence helps in building the child’s motor skills.This enables them to have a good grip on pencils and in their handwriting.They come in various colors and different shapes of triangle and squares with magnets along the edges.They are long lasting and used by a wide range of ages.

  • Productively engage toddlers & preschoolers at home with Magnetic Shapes. Keep them busy while you are at work 🙂
  • Kids can let their imagination go wild, building colorful creations on the magnetic board & surprise you with new creations every day
  • Fun with Magnetic Shapes is an excellent imagination building and learning tool. It cultivates problem solving skills in children. It improves their geometric and spatial understanding. Kids pick up, pinch and grasp pieces and move them around. This leads to fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.
  • Fun with Magnetic shapes is suitable for both boys and girls. It promises hours of fun for all kids, 2 years and up. Children can play in groups as well.
  • The pieces are magnetic and can be attached to the metallic tray included. Kids love to use them on the fridge & metal wardrobes at home also.
  • It’s suitable for ages 2 and up.

How to Play with Shapes?

How are children getting engaged?

Magnetic shapes toy for 2+ year old
Magnetic shapes toy for 2+ year girl
Magnetic shapes toy for 2+ year girl or boy creative play
Magnetic shapes on Metal Almirah-ButterflyFields

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113 reviews for Fun Engaging Magnetic Shapes for 2, 3 and 4 Year olds, Creative Gift Toy for Unlimited Imaginative Play

  1. panidhar

    Great Product I love it.

  2. abhishek

    Nice and innovative

  3. Neeraj Agrawal (verified owner)

    truly engaging for kids. My kid is loving it.

  4. Ankita

    Very good for engaging kids

  5. Raji.R

    Price is too high

  6. Suraj gupta

    Must have product as it tells you infinite possibilities of child’s brain, they can make car, rocket, spaceship, family

  7. Raja babu

    It is a very good product for kids of age 1+ …. Purchasing it again to gift someone.

  8. Suresh

    Good quality and indulge delivery

  9. neelima nookala

    I could make my kid engaged with activity when i am at work. These helps me in the current wfh scenarios.
    Thankyou butterflies

  10. zoothanpuia

    Magnet strong
    Colour good
    Child friendly

  11. Mac

    this is a really good product… happy with the quality as well as its utility.. my son is very happy and loves playing with the tiles..

  12. irshad a

    Exactly as described! Kids love it!

  13. navaneet

    I bought for my kids to learn the shapes in fun way.. Kids really liked and enjoy very useful.. also we can give these to any kids as present..

  14. Abhi

    Loved the product. Quality, finish,colours etc perfect. More importantly instigates curiosity in children. Thanks Butterfly edu team.

  15. satheeshkumar t

    Nice colours.

  16. amitabh shukla`

    Just go for it

  17. sujata sharma

    Good to engage kids in activity, it’s really worth

  18. Niharika Singh

    Superb product…my little one is enjoying slot and trying to explore what can she make with various shapes.

  19. aditi sharma

    Quality is good.. colours are a bit dull but not bad..

  20. Deepan

    Very easy to handle for kids. I bought for my 3 yr old son and he loves it. Colors and shapes are very good. It’s a worthy buy.

  21. Suzan khan

    Extremely good to keep kids busy and utilise their brain.. Kids can bring their creativity.

  22. Biyanka Nikki Bivera

    The seal of the package was already open and was closed using a Cellotape and also the metal board is a flexible one which was not expected. Otherwise its a good one for children for enhancing their imaginery skills. The activities are clearly explained and given within. Also we are able to scan the QR code to find many other fun creations and can add to the activities of children very easily.

  23. Madhu

    This product makes my naughty kids engaged and it enhances their thinking capabilities.The materials they used here are soft and harmless.The materials can be used repeatedly.

  24. Nivethan

    Okayish product. 3+ kids will enjoy

  25. Srinivas

    Excellent idea with a combination of good quality for the money .a must buy for 3 year olds

  26. Ashwajit singh

    It’s a cool magnetic game for kids. A child can make use of his/her creativity & imagination through these magnetic blocks. I loved it . However these blocks could have better magnetic strength.

  27. harry

    Material is foam, it’s colourful and it has multiple shapes.
    Sticking well. Good for above 2 year old kids.

  28. Kriti

    Good product
    My 2yr7month old loved it.
    Complete description shd be mentioned
    Number of shapes shd be mentioned
    23 pcs in actual, mentioned are 24.

  29. Anita

    Good for small kids for shapes learning. Magnetic product so easy to keep without loosing parts.

  30. parvathy nandakumar

    Product is good for babies which is really helpful in creative developments.

  31. swati

    A good product and highly engaging. Love the idea behind it and so much can be done around it. My toddler never gets bored with it. Interactive, open ended and worth the money.

  32. Harshad chaudhary

    Great product

  33. Himanshu

    Good concept of learning. It provides n number of creativity and child can learn different shapes easily. Regarding quality, it is good but not that sturdy, also colors are not bright. But, mostly we have bright colors toys so it’s okay to have one dull colored. I do recommend to buy it.

  34. prajakta k

    It’s too good…my son enjoy it making different shapes…perfect for 3 to 4 years old ….he enjoy making shapes on refrigerators…must buy product

  35. amar

    Good product..worthfull

  36. Rupsi jha

    Bought it for my 3 yr old. She loved it and is engaged with it most of the time. Even good for learning new shapes and helps them to create many things. Easy to learn, good quality and value for money

  37. pickinwinflower

    My son is a very energetic toddler with little focus. Since putting together these shapes doesn’t require much effort (like screwing or aligning joints etc.) he was taking interest.
    Please make one with more number of pieces.

  38. Prashanth

    Value for money… My daughter played it and used it to the fullest

  39. Jalaj chturvedi

    Toddlers will surely enjoy the whole package. The magnetic board could have been a bit more sturdy. Seems it got a bit out of shape for us during the delivery process.

  40. jitendra gupta

    Recommended,my kids loved it,we can engage them and with this we can made our kids to avoid playing with smart gadgets

  41. Shewta shibu

    its an interesting toy to play with…my neice loved it so much….she plays it more as a magnet than shape-learning.

  42. heera

    Good value for money. Nice product.

  43. parul srivastav

    Gifted it n the kid loved it…

  44. Adi

    Very good product.

  45. Mohit S

    Perfect gift for my 16 month old. She was able to understand and play with it. The product quality is good and comes with magnets, color book and crayons too. The magnets are both sided, front and back. Overall, it is a must buy for all parents in my opinion.

  46. Janhavi

    My two year old loves the free play offered by these. I put them on my fridge and I am also taking them on my travels. It is extremely well designed and thought of. It encourages art and educates on math at the same time. Excellent purchase.

  47. Aishwarya prakash

    It’s value for money and kids would love playing with it.

  48. Kumari renu

    Good one to keep 3 year old engaged

  49. krishan verma

    Good for 18 months to 3 yrs kid.. Engaging stuff..

  50. Swapnil k

    Really good product for kids to make different shapes.. awesome

  51. Shopholic

    Good quality for the price..comes along with charts to form the shapes as well as coloring pages. Definitely attractive and interesting for the child. The magnetic board can be used for sticking other stuff like magnetic alphabets etc…Go for it!

  52. aruna

    Really good one .. Kids are enjoying .. Worth buying..

  53. Hariharan ramalingam

    Magnetic card board should be much thicker

  54. Razia


  55. Arvind

    Brings out the creativity out of kids and adults alike. Good quality magnetic sponge tiles. Colour sheets are also added in this pack

  56. Krutika

    The product is good but the board is slightly small…. overall the product good… i liked it

  57. Kinjal jaiswal

    It is so engaging.. My 4.5yr old just love it… He play with it for one to two hrs for a day.

  58. Arun balakrishnan

    Colourful and my kid love it.

  59. Budhistwa ganguli

    Nice product, my son is less than 2 years old he is amazed at the magnetic property of shapes . He finds wonder why the magnetic shapes stick together. This helps expand his understanding and fine motor skills. The choice of colours and shapes are really nice

  60. mansi sharma

    My kid is playing with this from months and yet her favourite.👌

  61. Murlidhar

    good one

  62. Anushka jain

    I loved the product and satisfied with the quality.

  63. BN

    My daughter enjoyed playing with magnetic peices which are big in size… She was creative in making different shapes with those high quality peices.. Kit has colouring worksheets also which helped in higher engagement with very less involvement from my side…

  64. drashti

    Very useful and good product.. Quality as good as shown in pic… Happy

  65. amol bele

    This is very useful gift. Very nice

  66. Shardhha

    The quality of the product is very nice. My 2 year old really enjoys playing with the same. The magnets work quiet well too. Worth the price

  67. prashant sahoo

    it is a nice product for 4-5 years child. good to engage childer.

  68. Arshi

    If kids have no option to play other than mobile then it can be very creative option. Kids learn to apply mind

  69. Avinash

    truly value for money, as they utilize basic things/concepts to encourage curiosity & leaning in kids

  70. bhanu

    Good product. Pieces could have been a little heavier.

  71. Santosh kumar

    Good one for kids

  72. Anants

    Good to teach shapes and patterns for kids..

  73. SR

    Good one

  74. Tushar j

    My daughter loved it. Good idea.

  75. Shaik jalani

    Value for money

  76. Ayush Shukla

    My daughter took time getting used to it but now she keeps making different imaginary stuff out of it. I like this product as it is giving her a sense of how to create structures in 2 and 3 dimensions. Magnets are still strong after so many months and they have weathered the storm of being handled poorly by my child.

  77. jeevitha j needig

    I bought it for my niece ans she loves it!! Good one for 4 year old I guess!

  78. Harshil savsani

    Concept wise product is good. It will definitely help children to learn about shapes and colours. Also creative. The only disappointment is the shapes quality. Shapes quality can be improved further to long last in good condition.

  79. Kraje

    Good product or gift for kids, prize can be less.

  80. rani kumari

    Awesome Awesome Awesome ❤️👌

  81. Akshay sharma

    Nice product….great learning and engaging tool for kid… Just little more finishing required for product…

  82. Rajgopal

    My daughter asked me to purchase this kit after seeing it in her school. My daughter started playing with it from Day1 and using repeatedly by trying various combinations. Best part is my daughter using her creativity to bring thr best output using the magnetic shapes which improves her creativity, thinking and prrsentation skills and she isnplaying independently without disturbing us (😀)

  83. Sandeep shanker

    Very useful

  84. Vinaya sonawane

    Very innovative product.
    My 3 year old boy loves to play with it.
    We can teach them colour, shapes through this.
    Kids love to create different objects from these magnetic shapes.
    We got some drawing sheets n colour with this.

  85. Deepanshu

    Nice game for kids are enjoying it….

  86. RB

    Product received as per picture. Quality is good and kids just love it. Full value for money

  87. Nilesh Jain prime software

    The Game is nice creative, light weight for 3-4 year age group. Package was not with box by company. It incl wax crayon box and some printing paper to apply for fun.

  88. paridhi kaushik


  89. Ritika jaiswal

    It is really nice

  90. Raghav

    The large sized Magnetic shapes are very opt for small hands of kids.

  91. swati srivastav

    Bought for my nephew, he is happy

  92. ana

    The magnet is good, sticks well on surfaces. Very good for learning

  93. Kamini gautam

    Really nice. My kid loved it..

  94. chaitnya

    Excellent product for improving creativity and local skills in young mindd .worth money and kids from age 3 years will be able to play with this .my kids loved to play with thise and it is completelt safe.Thank you and would love to buy more.

  95. M vasanth kumar

    though we need to keep an eye on kids.. these magnets can be used for any metal surface…a fun game ..helps ur kid develop his imagination..

  96. hiral amodia

    Value for money

  97. Lalita sharma

    Good quality…nice packing….kids will love it

  98. Shrusti mahajan

    I ordered Butterfly EduFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys for Kids Boys & Girls -Pack of 23 Pieces. Keeps kid engaged in productive and creative activity whole day. Being magnetic kid can also stick it on refrigerator while you are working in the kitchen. Lots of pros to buy this.

  99. ankit singh

    Make your child understand different shapes and colours. Helpful for children.

  100. vandana

    Value for money. My 4 years old loved the game and always tries make some different out of these shapes, which is a good thing in terms of using schema. Totally loved it👍🏻

  101. mirnalini

    Nice Product. good gift

  102. Priya

    V good quality . N safe for small kids

  103. Ak garg

    Engaging toy. Recognition of variuos shapes.

  104. Srikanth reddy

    Great for kids.. can be played even on a fridge door..

  105. Priya M

    This is a great product to keep your child engaged and keeping kids away from mobile. The shapes are apt for little minds. Following are the pros & cons

    1. limitless possibilities to express
    2. Fits snugly into little hands
    3. Magnetic board is of Good Quality
    4. compact box is easy to carry while travelling
    5. shapes are easy to hold not too bulky like wooden pieces still durable

    1. pattern papers are though of thick papers but still they are papers and can easily be tattered. Board type could have been provided for it
    2. It could have been little bigger as compared to price
    3. Overpriced

    Overall a good product!!

  106. Mehar shree

    Very nice interactive game .my 3 yr old daughter loves it and is constantly engaged.good quality
    One person found this helpful

  107. Rajiv tiwari

    Good learning product for my kid

  108. vk reddy

    Good product for kids and value for money.

  109. parag dekate

    Its easy learning kit, my kid adopted it very fast and started creating shapes on refrigerator/Almera etc.

  110. kritika


  111. priyanka

    Good for kids below five

  112. Vrushali T

    I loved the product. It’s very beneficial for the kid and also kid enjoyed it a lot. I will highly recommend it.

  113. chaya c

    It’s nice

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