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Motor Machines | Electronic & Mechanical Blocks | Tinker Lab At Home Series


GIFT the JOY OF CREATION with the 20in1 Motor Machines kit with reusable magnetic Electronic & Mechanical Building Blocks for Open Ended Experimentation

  • TINKERING made FUN and EASY! – Play time just got more fun and experimental! Our tinker@home lets the creative mind of your tinkering child explore the mysteries and magic of science in their very own lab at home.
  • STEM LEARNING Educational ENGINEERING Gift Set for Kids (TINKER LAB @ HOME) – Open-ended Experimenting Platform for your Budding Innovator to dream BIG. Build “I Can” confidence & give wings to their Imagination!!
  • SMART PLAY for SMART KIDS – From Idea to Prototype in just 5 mins!. Ideas, Materials, Templates & Mechanisms to start, we have got them all covered. Join your kids on their adventures – You Create, we facilitate
  • BUILDING BLOCKS to unleash the Creativity of your child – The limitless possibilities of the blocks serve to unlock every child’s imagination & give shape to their ideas. The blocks are designed in such a way that there is a smooth interaction between mechanical and electronic parts.
  • ULTIMATE GIFT for the MAKER in your child – Gift the joy of independence & creation to surprise, thrill & challenge the little Innovators !!

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Hand Fan | Tinker Lab @Home


Like Things That Move or Rotate? – Come, Let’s Make Some Noise 😀

From Ideas, Materials, Templates to Mechanisms, we have got them all covered for you to jump in & start having fun right away


Go from Simple to Complex

Start from simple activities & go on to build more complex & your own machines with

  1. reusable magnetic wooden building blocks for easy DIY construction
  2. 20+ creative projects to start with & get your hands dirty
  3. unlimited possibilities to make your own new inventions


WHAT IF fans have Paper blades? WHAT IF each blade has different color?

7 year old curious Dhwani had these questions & made paper fans with different colors for each blade. Want to know what did she find? Suspense – Tinker & see for yourself :-p


Ballon Boat

What if images rotate?

Why is Earth Oval?

What if a liquid mixture is rotated?

Colour Mixer

How does your mobile vibrate?

WHY PLAY WITH READY-MADE TOYS WHEN YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN TOYS? Build | Apply | Learn | Explore | Dream Create a place in your home where you can actually go from inspiration to idea to solutions and make things. BE A DOER ! List of 20 creative projects you can make with the Motor Machines kit:
  1. Table fan with switch
  2. Mini Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Static Mixer
  4. Crazy Bug
  5. Animation Illusion
  6. Bulge of Earth
  7. 2D-3D Shapes
  8. Centrifuge Mania
  9. Hit the Brakes
  10. Colour Mixer
  11. Motor Boat
  12. Let’s Make Some Waves !!
  13. Working of Fan Blades
  14. Balloon Boat
  15. Hover Craft
  16. Hairy Fashion
  17. Mini Egg Beater
  18. Tornado Mixer
  19. Mini Drilling Machine
  20. Spinning Machine (Charkha)
Happy Tinkering !! START NOW


Father & child interaction | Tinker Lab @Home


Move on from Rote Learning to Real Learning

Learn concepts not by rote but by their applications in real life.


Join your kids on their Tinkering Adventures & indoor creative play time

Become a child again, build projects together & show your kid your curious fun side 🙂


Surprise Creative Gift for Budding Innovators

Unique & Innovative Birthday Gift that KIDS will cherish. Trigger CURIOSITY & Ignite the SPARK of Science & CREATIVITY in your child.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

29 reviews for Motor Machines | Electronic & Mechanical Blocks | Tinker Lab At Home Series

  1. Gourav Bhatt

    Very creative way to engage kids.
    I bought motor machine for my almost 4 yr old daughter. She really liked it and most of the things she can do it hervself by watching videos.

  2. Ambica Salwan

    It is really nice DIY toy for 7 yr old kid. Easy to construct and instructions that are understandable and good thing to keep kid busy.

  3. GAURAV S.

    Its a Fantastic toy to gift to your loved ones for the age of 7-12 ..
    It provokes possibilities into the child to do small experiments on their own and learn how the science and
    electronics works..
    some fantastic tutorial to learn from given in the toy itself..

    overall one of the best gift that i have given to my child..And she is quite happy with it…

    go for it…

  4. Madhu

    In this automatic world kids lack in practical knowledge.So products from butterfly fields enhance their practical knowledge and making them feel interest on the concepts how it works and their principles.Products of these kind enhance their knowledge and making them engaged.This kit is having many experiments on different principles which we can assemble using the instructions in leaflet or through YouTube videos

  5. Gopi

    Good to go with this set of DIY Toy set.

  6. Ish

    We actually bought motor machine kit…but my son wanted to make a car…which was not available in the kit…but butterfly edufield valued my child happiness and send the car kit free of cost…customer service at the best…will definitely recommend their product to all….

  7. Priya

    Very good toy at a very reasonable price,kids love it

  8. dileep

    I personally would recommend this product for kids age 7 and above to understand real life things around their daily life . My kid loved playing with different kinds of items and enthusiastic to learn and questions . Product quality and packaging was good .


    My son just loved it . Highly recommended . Good part is that they have videos to follow ..

  10. AmCust

    My 6 year old loved this! I’ve used many products, quality of this is very good..! And great customer care!

  11. Sumit Mohan

    My 10-yr-old cousin loved it. And it was easy yet engaging for a child that age!

  12. Priyanka R

    Worth the money. Sturdy and Multi usable pieces. Good Quality. My Daughter is really enjoying playing with it .

  13. Ashwani Kumar

    Good Quality Product

  14. PJ

    Great product, Very engaging and develops curiosity and application.
    The boxes are well labelled and the content is of good durable quality.

  15. paresh


  16. Atul

    Rarely, a toy creates such an excitement for my son and more rarerly this excitement continues after a few days of owning up a toy . This is one such toy.. awesome.. but the toy I received appears to have been used before, because the cotton inside it is dirty, thermacol balls were replaced with paper scraps. But I replaced them with my own, so that’s fine..
    One person found this helpful

  17. K Sola pandyan

    Fantastic product for kids, they love it, it has kept my kids engaged and they are creating items on their own

  18. Reshma

    I really appreciate the customer service team of Butterfly Fields kit, as its really easy to use and lot of fun and learning. they also support via email and whatsapp.. really great team and good product !!

  19. saravanan

    Nice quality and well build

  20. soumya

    It is a very good product. My son really enjoyed playing and tinkering with it. He also started to explore and make his own projects. Very good buy especially in such times to reduce the boredom of children and to keep their screen time less

  21. Reshma Deshkulkarni

    Best for kids

  22. Nidhi Kaushik

    My children aged 8 and 14 thoroughly enjoy playing and learning with this.

  23. jyoti prakash

    This is best product for teen-agers 6 to 8 class.This is best product for teen-agers 6 to 8 class.

  24. Faisel

    All the components are of high quality. Good time pass for kids.

  25. Sagar

    Great encouragement for your little ones to keep their curiosity and inquisitiveness going with this awesome product..!!

  26. Raj

    Very good product for kids to play and learn.
    A manual to assemble could have been provided making things easy to begin the package.

  27. Arsalan sayed (verified owner)

    The set was good but If you could have added something related to Car or bike in the motor kit it would have been great

  28. Deepa (verified owner)

    Lots of learning at one stop, very useful.

  29. Indu Kharabanda (verified owner)

    I got the product and it looks great..but there is no tutorial book to make the models,thr barcode does not open and if it does it takes me to the website and not to the tutorial.Need help!

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