Rain Water Harvesting Science Project

Make houses with different roof tops ( slant and flat) to understand:
• Chanelling mechanisms for flat and slant roofed houses
• Collection pit

Make a water pump to understand the the complete mechanism:
• Collecting rain water (roofs) – Storing ( in a sump) – and then retrieving (using a pump).

Rainwater Harvesting

Harvest the heart of changing weather! Whether the rainy season is your favorite part of the year or not, it is impossible to deny that saving water is quintessential to the world’s potable water supply. While everyone understand the concept of rainwater harvesting, it is quite important to teach its urgent requirement as well as conceptual application, due to the rapid depletion of resources in the world.

But worry no more! Butterfly Fields’ Do-It-Yourself Rainwater Harvesting Kit brings to life in the hands of your child the ability to make their own rainwater harvester!

This kit can teach students how to make houses with different roof tops, i.e. the slant and flat kind, to understand:

  • The channeling mechanisms for flat and slant roofed houses
  • The science behind the collection pit

But it doesn’t stop there! The harvester is pointless if not accumulated for further usage. We complete the process by teaching your child how to make a water pump to explain the complete procedure:

Collecting rain water on roofs – storing it in a sump – and finally retrieving it using a pump.

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